Commercial Pest Management for Schools & Universities in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Pests get into public school classrooms, charter school environments, college campuses and many other specialty schools throughout the NY area and New Jersey through places as simple as doorways, or more complicated places such as fine line cracks in foundations and on walls.

A program of exceptional and safe commercial pest control is always the best bet to help keep educational areas safer, cleaner and healthier so everyone can thrive and reach their full educational potential.

The Usual Pests We Find in Academic Settings

Pests found most commonly in NYC and New Jersey buildings range from those that are simply annoying to the type that carry harmful bacteria and disease that can put students at risk. Common pests include:


These are usually Found in cafeterias, kitchens and classrooms. Flies are known to carry over 1/2 billion tiny organisms on their bodies that can cause contamination and potential illness if an infestation of flies is not effectively addressed


Known to have eight legs and web weaving abilities, some species of spiders may also have a venomous bite, making getting rid of them in a university, high school or junior high school setting a high priority


Disease carrying and bacteria depositing pests that are tackled effectively by Integrated Pest Management, making educational institutions safer in New York and NJ for decades.

Bees and Other Stinging Pests

When an educational facility faces a bee or wasp problem, a quick and effective solution is needed immediately to prevent potential injuries to staff and students.

Why Effective Pest Control Solutions are Needed in Academic Environments Throughout New York City & Northern, NJ

Keeping everyone safer so true education can take place in a worry-free environment is the goal of instituting a smart, comprehensive program of pest eradication. Whether students are attending elementary classes, middle school, private school functions, or engaging in public school programs, the goal is always to have the safest and most education friendly environment possible for all.

Integrated Pest Management Promotes Education in a Safe Learning Environment

Technicians from IPM are specially trained to find and eradicate the most common pests, turning them into a distant memory. Harmful and dirty pests can be found throughout buildings in places like cafeterias, restrooms, gymnasiums and anywhere they’re able to find sufficient food, water and the perfect shelter conditions they need for living and breeding.

The smartest move is to get rid of pests in a college, university, charter school or private school setting before they have a chance to cause student or faculty illness or property damage.

Tools, Technologies and Technicians You Can Count On

IPM specialists have the equipment they need, tools, effective and eco-friendly pesticide solutions, and the current knowledge they must have to handle any type of pest problem, whether pests show up in a middle school, high school or any other institution of academic learning. We’re proud to deliver all commercial pest control services with the highest level of integrity, professionalism and a continual drive to be the best.

Our technicians are happy to go over results of an evaluation to let you know exactly where your educational institution’s pest problems are and the best targeted solutions to handle them. The goal is always to create the safest and most effective environment for students to learn and prosper. Educational environments create unique scenarios and pest control requirements that we are qualified and happy to address. We will solve any pest control issue and provide a comprehensive and trusted solution.

Check Out Our Integrated Pest Management Team in Action!

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