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Commercial Pest Management for Stored Product Facilities in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

The presence of pests in stored product facilities is always bad for business and potentially harmful to customers. Our New York and New Jersey commercial pest control team can help you eliminate all problems at the source before they become worse. We service all of New York City, Westchester County, Long Island and Northern, NJ.

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Why Prompt Stored Product Pest Control is Important

For starters, the FDA sets high standards in pharmaceutical facilities as well as in supermarkets, restaurants, nursing homes, distribution centers and processing plants. They want absolutely no invasive critters on site, or the place could be shut down and the company could be fined. You can avoid all this as well as hefty lawsuits if you leave the control of pests up to us. You can eliminate the spread of contaminants that could otherwise harm patients and consumers.

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Areas we Service

Best-In-Class Stored Product Facility Pest Management Throughout NYC Since 1929

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
  • Nassau County
  • Northern, New Jersey

Pests We Commonly See in Stored Product Facilities

Buildings where products are stored can be a constant magnet for unwanted insects, rodents and other animals. All it takes is enough humidity or the right temperature depending on the season for certain critters to gather. Some pests if left to multiply could take over the place.

These are some examples of insects that could be present based on facility type:
  • AIB
  • Carpet Or Dermestid Beetles
  • Sawtoothed Grain Beetles
  • Flour Beetles
  • Fabric Pest Control & Protection

Pharmaceutical Facilities & Labs

Mealworms, beetles, and other crawling or slithering bugs often show up here if left unmaintained.

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Restaurants & food Service Establishments

Different varieties of cockroaches, aunts, flies and bees show up anywhere food is served if not controlled. Odor from maggots and bacteria also could be a problem when areas are neglected.

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Grocery Chains, Food Retailers and supermarkets

Mice, rats, roaches and crawling bugs such as ants often appear anywhere food is stored or sold.

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Logistics, Fulfillment & Distribution Centers

This could be a potential breeding ground for any insect or other bug that feeds off moisture. Edible crumbs left on the ground also can create rodent problems. Spiders may also spin their webs on site, especially in cooler basement or underground areas. We provide solutions for managing these as well as other types of pests besides the above-mentioned.

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Pest Control

Common Pests We Encounter & Your Treatment Options

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Integrated Pest Management at Stored Product Facilities

We start by scouring every inch of your place on each floor. Then, we note problem areas and let you know if we see openings anywhere through the walls, the floor, windows or doors and ceiling. In addition, our team will work on changing habitats where problem animals might gather outdoors.

Then, we will educate you through the process of having areas sealed to prevent all critters from entering the premises. Any other IPM action we could take such as helping you set traps, we will do that before spraying chemicals. Then, we will use only the amount that is necessary and safely permissible as set by EPA standards.

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Whom We Service

We Provide Pest Management Throughout All Facets of the Food & Beverage Industry

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Our Trusted Techniques, Tools and Technicians

Standard Pest Management will devise a plan that will most effectively eliminate your specific problems. After all, not all animals are the same and require different levels of control. This plan includes using detection equipment and lights that allow us to see bugs and animals in the tiniest entry ways. Then, if the situation calls for it, we will spray pesticides using machines that provide thorough coverage.

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