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Our Commercial Pest Control Services Available in New York City’s Metro Area

Providing pest control services to commercial properties provides its own array of diverse challenges. The mere presence or sighting of pests or rodents can become a big problem with each situation being a potentially major liability. Standard Pest Management’s objective since 1929 has been to help businesses and all different types of commercial facilities eliminate any risks associated with the presence of bugs through strategic integrated pest management solutions.

There are so many scenarios that are realistically plausible when it comes to pest protection and where you need it. Could you imagine the presence of rodents in a server room chewing through cables erasing valuable company data? What about a loss in employee productivity due to pest sightings or having a plant shut down because of regulatory non-compliance?

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Thankfully, Standard Pest Management exists today to help in these specific types of situations. This is not a “one size fits all” type of industry and we certainly don’t treat our commercial clients like that. Our technicians, head entomologist and staff treat every commercial client with custom care because each facility requires a customized solution to keep the pests away for good.

No business can afford to take a hit when it comes to a pest infestation so why take the chance? We specialize in providing full service commercial extermination and management services to a wide array of unique facilities.

Our Commercial Pest Management Specialties

  • We Specialize in Integrated Pest Management
  • Limitation of Customer Liabilities Due To Pests Since 1929
  • Family Owned And Operated In New York City.
  • Our Core Coverage Areas Include Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island, And Northern, NJ
  • We Serve On The Board Of The National Pest Management Association
  • AIB International Certified
  • Green PRO Certified
  • Organizational Member Of The US Green Building Council
  • NYPMA Quality Pro Food Protection
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Areas we Service

Best-In-Class Commercial Pest Management for All Properties or Facilities Throughout NYC Since 1929

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
  • Nassau County
  • Northern, New Jersey
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We Eliminate Risk & Liabilities Caused By Pests

Our main goal is to surpass your company’s expectations by applying over 90 years of pest management knowledge to your facility’s most difficult issues. Between our head entomologist, highly trained team of exterminators and strategic support staff, we take great pride into putting together preventative & proactive pest management programs fit to your property.

We are extremely vigilant when it comes to results and that’s why we combine time tested techniques with the latest in expertise and cutting edge technology to become the greatest asset your property has against pests. Whether you’re operating an assisted living facility, packaging food at a plant, keeping guests happy at a hotel or healing patients at a hospital: We have all the experience necessary to meet the most strenuous demands.

Our Customers

Commercial Facilities we provide Pest Management for

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Why Choose Standard Pest Management?

For starters, we have an innovative and effective approach toward integrated pest management. This is a prerequisite when working in sensitive environments such as hospitals or food production facilities.

Due to the constant training our technicians receive when it comes to commercial properties, we have a very specific way of doing this so that every possible area is targeted and we leave no stone Unturned.

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Common Pests Within Commercial Properties Throughout New York City’s Metro Area

Out of the thousands of pests that roam and breed throughout the metropolitan area, we commonly spot these insects and rodents within commercial properties of all kinds. Whether looking for food or shelter, we can exterminate, deter, or humanely relocate them away from your place of business.

Pest Control

Common Pests We Encounter & Your Treatment Options

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The Most Thorough Property Analysis

Our technicians are trained to root out potential entry points as well as reasons pests may want to enter your facility. We’ll assess the surrounding geography and inspect the entire area.

If pests are seen, the information is brought back to our entomologist for discussion regarding identification and appropriate treatment methods with our technicians.

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Pest Treatment Plans We Utilize for Commercial Facilities

Once we have come up with an appropriate plan that adheres to our integrated pest management approach, we’ll discuss our strategy with you and begin treatment with a big focus on preventative measures. This ensures that we’re being as environmentally friendly as possible within your facility and blocking all the possible pathways for additional pests to come roaming in.

If you think about it, what’s the point of initial treatment when more will just come back? We put a big effort into examining all possible entry ways and also inspect sanitation efforts. If product does have to be used, we will go with something that has the least harmful impact to the surrounding environment.

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Comprehensive Ongoing Management, Analysis & Reporting

Due to the large size as well as compliance regulations many commercial properties have to follow, there will always be a need for on going management. When it comes to this, we are completely on top of it.

Each time your facility is serviced, our team of technicians will cross reference prior data within your account to what’s current as well as provide constant reporting to you on site conditions, sanitary issues and potential problems that need to be taken care of. Proactive pest management is the only way to go for commercial business in New York as well as Northern New Jersey.

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