Brewery (or Micro) Pest Management

Brewery Pest Management 

Brewery (or Micro) Pest Management

Brewery Pest Management 

Brewery (or Micro) Pest Management

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Brewery Pest Management 

Pest Management for Breweries in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

One of the most important risk brewing facilities need to take precautions against is the risk of experiencing a pest infestation. Unfortunately, many types of pest can be attracted to brewing facilities because of the ingredients and processes used to brew beer.

Owners and managers need to develop a thorough and comprehensive pest management regime to ensure clean, productive operations. In order to develop an effective pest management regime those working in breweries need to understand all of the risks that come from pest issues and know how to deal with them.

The Most Common Pests We Find in Breweries

While just about any type of pest can infest a brewery, there are certain pests in particular that are most likely to create problems in a brewing environment. The following are five of the major pests that brewing facility owners need to focus on keeping out of their facilities. Any of these pests could necessitate extermination if an infestation begins to take hold at a facility.


Cockroaches are a frequently seen pest in large urban atmospheres like in NYC. That’s why NYC brewing professionals need to be aware of them and understand how to keep them out. Cockroaches are very good at hiding and squeezing through tiny cracks to penetrate facilities. They are particularly attracted to starches and sugars, which are typically present in a brewing operation.


Ants are another insect pest commonly found in brewing facilities. They are very attracted to sugary smells or grease. General cleanliness can help to keep ants away. Brewing operations are most likely to avoid ant infestations if any spills that occur are immediately cleaned up and not left to sit and attract insect pests.


Mice are attracted to the grains that are typically needed in brewing operations. They are very dangerous because they can spread serious diseases like leptospirosis. They can also cause damage to equipment by chewing through wires and cables.


Like mice, rats can also spread diseases if an infestation develops at a brewing facility.

Flies & Flying Insects

Flying insects can enter a brewing facility if doors and windows are left open without any mesh installed over them. Flying insects like flies can cause contamination issues. There are all different fly species that love nothing more than to have constant access to the liquids within your brewery. At home, they may seem like more of a nuisance, but at large facilities or smaller micro-breweries, a small visit from a fly can turn into a full-blown infestation. This can cause major problems for your operations.

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions for Your Brewery

An infestation involving any pest at a brewing facility can create severe problems for owners. They can create liabilities for a brewing company if product becomes contaminated. They can also cut into a brewing companies bottom line if product needs to be destroyed due to contamination issues.

Pest control for a brewing operation is essential. It not only protects both the brewing company and its customers, but it also allows the company to adhere to requirements put forth by the FDA. The FDA requires brewing operations to institute good manufacturing practices, among them precautions to prevent product contamination from pests.

Whether your brewing operation is located in New York City or NJ, instituting proper commercial pest management practices is essential for the long term success of your brewing operation. Micro-breweries in NJ and anywhere in the country should implement a pest management regime from day one at their brewing facility.

Integrated Pest Management for Brewing Facilities Throughout NYC & Northern, NJ

The key to avoiding pest problems in a brewing operation is relying on integrated pest management. An integrated pest management solution will ensure that various components of a brewing operation work together in tandem to avoid pests throughout the facility.

Also, integrated pest management solutions can deal with pests in ways that are as non-toxic as possible. Another important consideration in integrated pest management solutions is arriving upon pest management practices that do not in any way detract from the productivity of a brewing facility. Integrated solutions won’t just involve physical methods of preventing pest communities from developing, but also biological, genetic, chemical, and regulatory methods as well.

Pests can create challenges for those running brewing operations. However, these challenges can be overcome with effective integrated pest management solutions that take advantage of all of a company’s resources and streamline the production process so that pest populations are not permitted to take hold at brewing facilities.

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for All Commercial Breweries

Microbreweries need to take full advantage of all the latest pest managements technologies to handle infestation prevention and extermination as necessary. Some of the tools that are going to be necessary to find a good solution are risk assessment and monitoring of facility equipment to acquire necessary data.

Data is used to set action thresholds and figure out the best lines of defense for prevention of infestations and control of pest populations.

The Areas We Provide Brewery Pest Management

Standard Pest Management has been providing all phases of pest management throughout the entire NYC Metro Area since 1929. Check out all of the areas we cover:

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