Our Health Care Facility Pest Control Services in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ

Our pest management solutions are the perfect fit for health care providers of all kinds within Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island. The reason for this is because they can’t be treated in the same manner as other types of facilities. When it comes to health care, we must protect the patients, staff and the surrounding environment using special techniques that won’t be harmful to anyone but the pests.

We have been a trusted health care extermination services provider since 1929 and are trained extensively in IPM or Integrated Pest Management solutions. This is the core pest management service we utilize when targeting insects or rodents in sensitive environments such as medical facilities. You can trust us to provide you with the same exceptional care you provide your patients with.

Why Your Health Care Facility Should Partner With Standard

  • We service Hospitals, Urgent Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes
  • Established in 1929 with a focus on ethics
  • Highly trained, professional technicians and friendly office staff
  • Specializing in Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Multi-Location Contracts are Available
  • Custom Tailored Programs to fit your needs
  • Environmentally Friendly Pest Management
  • Many pests that find their way into medical facilities are capable of transmitting infectious disease
  • Within the last decade, Bed Bugs have become frequent visitors to those staying for short or long periods of time in hospitals or senior homes

Comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Tailored to Medical Facilities

By and large, the only places we believe pests should inhabit are the outdoors. Unfortunately, they are constantly on the hunt for warm shelter, food and water. Medical facilities provide all three and will always be a prime target.

The reason pest management is so important for an establishment like a hospital is the secondary risk of infection.

A Medical Facility Is No Place for a Pest to Inhabit

Cross-contamination from pests such as flies, rats, mice, bed bugs, or roaches is a very real possibility. In other environments they are a serious threat, within a hospital, they become a major liability.

Try to imagine a patient becoming sick or even dying due to a secondary infection caused by a pest outbreak or infestation. Not only would it be a legal problem for your medical facility, but a nightmare for the patient’s family and a real wound to your reputation.

Controlling & Preventing Pest Problems Before They Occur

In sensitive environments such as hospitals, our technicians have to be very strategic in how they plan to get rid of a pest invasion. This is done with the help of our support staff and head entomologist. We can’t just go spraying pesticides wherever we spot an issue either due to the sanitary environment we are in.

Therefore we utilize a series of protocols backed up within Integrated Pest Management. It basically means providing treatment and pest prevention solutions while absolutely minimizing the usage of any pesticides. If the problem is severe and we do have to use products, rest assured that they will be as low pressure as possible.

Compliance, Management & Reporting Customized to Your Facility

At Standard Pest Management, our team consists of a dedicated support staff, field technicians and our head Entomologist. At someone in charge of a healthcare facility you must deal with your own fair share of reporting, analysis and record keeping. We’re proud to say that we do the same in order to maximize efficiency.

By providing electronic reporting, record keeping and proper monitoring, we are able to save your organization time and money all the while protecting patients and staff from pests.

Cutting Edge Technology for Health Care Pest Management

Our field technicians carry wireless handheld devices with proprietary pest management software that will not only help collect and transmit data to Standards support staff but will also provide the technician with information on areas that need to be monitored consistently.

We also use barcode scanning software to monitor pest bait stations and timestamp service visits. This way, we know exactly when they need to be replaced and how effective they are.

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