Organic Food Production Facilities Pest Management in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, & Northern, NJ

Things have changed in a big way throughout the New York City metro area in addition to the country as a whole. At a point prior to present day, food labeled with the term “Organic” has been difficult to find. It was once relegated to very specific stores and marketed through health and lifestyle conscious consumers. Organic foods had also been thought of as a product with a higher price tag meant for a more affluent demographic.

Oh how times have changed. Organic foods are now found in greater quantities throughout mainstream grocery providers. With a generation that’s been raised with more environmental awareness and growing health problems related to obesity, organic foods have never been more relevant than now. Standard Pest Management specializes in providing pest control services for organic food production facilities throughout Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Westchester County, Long Island, NY and Northern, NJ.

Key Integrated Pest Management Solutions for Organic Food Production Facilities

Why Choose Standard?

  • Comprehensive Pest Management for Organic Food Production Facilities
  • Integrated Pest Management Techniques
  • Consistent Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Preventative Processes
  • Thorough Client – Provider Communication Channel
  • Safe Pest Control
  • Non-Toxic
  • Custom Research for Your Facilities to Gather Information from OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute): to ensure completely safe usage of any possible compounds.

Differences Between Organic & Green Pest Management

With that said, we want you to know that there is a difference between the terms “Green” and “Organic.” These two are not interchangeable. There are appropriate use case scenarios in which one should be used and the other shouldn’t. We’ll discuss that here. It’s important to us because we tend to get a lot of questions surrounding this topic and there seems to be much confusion among other things about these types of pest management.

There are many companies out there that tend to brand themselves as being environmentally conscious, “Green Pest Management Providers” or “Organic Pest Management Providers,” but more often than not; this just isn’t the case.

Organic Pest Management in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, & Northern, NJ

Organic pest management is a service we provide in specific situations to specific types of clients that require it. It involves using integrated pest management techniques to control a pest population and proactive prevention solutions.

We would provide you with plenty of information such as good sanitation techniques, preventative measures, and mechanical measures.

Green Pest Management in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, & Northern, NJ

Green Pest Management can be performed for a much larger area of customers or unique industries. We typically offer these solutions for those trying to obtain LEED Certification or want to keep standards up throughout a “Green Building.”

We’ll use the very best integrated pest management techniques in an effort to prevent any problems from sprouting up but we can also take a more aggressive approach in eradicating bugs. For example, we may use a pesticide or bait stations that have far less of an environmental impact than the norm.

Taking Care of Your Organic Food Production Facility is Our Prerogative

Standard Pest Management specializes in providing pest control services specifically to Organic Food Production Facilities throughout the New York City Metro area. Unlike “Green Pest Control” which is just a marketing buzz-word, “Organic” is the real thing. Our staff and technicians are consistently trained on new standards and we firmly adhere to the OMRI list.

OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute. It’s here that we’ll obtain key information on product usage to determine whether it’s safe to use around your organic products. Keep in mind, we won’t even access this list if our proactive attempts at pest control aren’t enough.

Monitoring, Reporting, Prevention and More Integrated Pest Management for You

When we provide pest management for organic food production facilities in New York or Northern Jersey, it’s performed with the most care, attention to detail, and process oriented resolve you’ll ever see. We take full advantage of “IPM” or Integrated Pest Management” techniques to give you best in class service.

This involves communications with your staff about appropriate preventative measures such as proper sanitation. Our technicians do a great job at consistently monitoring problem areas, mapping out your facilities, sealing off entry ways for pests, in-depth reporting and keeping records for you to review so we’re both on the same page.

When it comes to keeping your organic food production facility pest free, you can truly count on us to provide you with the highest degree of care and accountability possible. Providing service is just one component, the other side is taking care of your facility to ensure a thoroughly pest-free environment.

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