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Property management Pest Control Services in the NYC Metro Area

When it comes to the safety and comfort of your tenants, quality pest management services are paramount.Standard Pest Management has a long history of working with many of New York’s property management companies. Whether you manage luxury buildings or a Brooklyn brownstone we will work with you to make sure your building can remain pest free. We can work with tenants directly at your request. We will perform service the way you want it and at what time you want it.

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As a property manager, we completely understand that you already have enough on your plate to deal with. Why should pests be another ongoing problem? As an NYC based company that has specialized in multi-family apartment building pest management since 1929, our mission is to keep you and your tenants completely pest-free. We do this through a series of Integrated Pest Management techniques and with the latest in technology.

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Effective & Integrated Pest Management Custom Tailored Toward Your Individual Properties

Whether it’s in your building lobby or in a tenant’s apartment, no one wants an uninvited guest from a pest. The problem with infestations in apartment buildings is that infestations can escalate and spread quickly from one tenant to the next via the walls, underneath flooring or above the ceiling.

  • Established In 1929
  • Friendly & Professional Service
  • Perform Service Door To Door
  • Work From A List Of Service Requests
  • Obtain Signatures Form Tenants Who Accept Service
  • Exclusively Treat Common Areas
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Longer Service Visits Than Other Pest Control Companies
  • Emergency Visits
  • Complete Pest Tracking, Analysis & Reporting
  • Multi-Property Contract Discounts Available
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Integrated Pest Management Customized for Your Property

It’s no use just hiring a pest control company to come in, spray once and leave. It simply won’t work for the long term. Pests are always reproducing and the only thing on their minds are shelter, food and water. All of which your tenant’s apartments provide in abundance. Our field technicians will start out by evaluating the entire property you are having an issue with.

We will look for exposure points where pests can enter as well as traces of bugs or rodents. Upon receiving identification of the exact pests that are plaguing your property and apartments, we will formulate a customized solution built just for you. This will include ongoing pest exclusion (sealing, blocking entry ways for pests to get in), environmentally friendly extermination techniques to eradicate nests or existing populations and the latest in monitoring techniques.

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Areas we Service

Best-In-Class Property Management Pest Control Throughout NYC Since 1929

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
  • Nassau County
  • Northern, New Jersey
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Standards’ Signature Green Pest Management Solutions for the Property Management Industry

Since 1929, Standard Pest Management have been providing the very best in pest control solutions for multi-unit apartment buildings in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Long Island, NY.

Rest assured that we have the health of your staff and tenants on our mind at all times and will only use the lowest impact pest control solutions available. For severe infestations, we may have to resort to other measures but everything will be drawn up against the guidelines of health and safety to your residents as well as staff.

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Multi-Unit Apartment Building Pest Control & Removal Solutions

Since 1929, Standard Pest Management have been providing the very best in pest control solutions for multi-unit apartment buildings in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester and Long Island, NY.

Over 90 years later and we are continuing to grow due to our satisfied customers and excellent reputation for stopping infestations in their tracks and keeping your tenants happy. A pest-free tenant is a happy tenant and that philosophy has always driven us in terms of customer service and flexible treatment.

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Pest Control

Common Pests We Encounter & Your Treatment Options

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Complete Ongoing, Analysis, Documentation & Reporting

These days, technology is king when it comes to pest management. Our in-field technicians use hand held devices with proprietary technology which is capable of barcoding and monitoring specific areas for pest activity. This is very helpful when it comes to data analysis and reporting of our extermination efforts. We’ll be able to show you a fully transparent report of areas that may have been infested in the past which are now clean. With fully electronic tracking, pest management has never been so data driven before for property management companies or apartment buildings. This is a prerequisite when working in large apartment buildings.

Different floors as well as different areas may have unique problems. With our barcoding system, we’re able to uniquely identify and timestamp an issue, solve it and continue monitoring. This way, we are saving you time and money. Before our flexible visit to your properties, our technician can see exactly which areas need service as opposed to checking the same area over and over. The redundancies of exterminating are now a thing of the past. If you think your apartment building may have a pest infestation or slight issue, you can always count on us for prompt, discreet service. Get in touch with Standard Pest Management Today to schedule an estimate or service call. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Monitoring, Reporting, Prevention and More Integrated Pest Management for Your Individual Properties

When we provide pest management for organic food production facilities in New York, it’s performed with the most care, attention to detail, and process oriented resolve you’ll ever see. We take full advantage of “IPM” or "Integrated Pest Management” techniques to give you best in class service.

This involves communications with your staff about appropriate preventative measures such as proper sanitation. Our technicians do a great job at consistently monitoring problem areas, mapping out your facilities, sealing off entry ways for pests, in-depth reporting and keeping records for you to review so we’re both on the same page.

When it comes to keeping your organic food production facility pest free, you can truly count on us to provide you with the highest degree of care and accountability possible. Providing service is just one component, the other side is taking care of your facility to ensure a thoroughly pest-free environment.

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    We Protect Tenants And Your Properties!

  • Regular Scheduled Services That Are Date And Time Specific.
  • E-Notify Service – Receive Email Reminders Prior To Service.

    Treating tenant requests for service.

  • Insect Identification Service Available To Management And Tenants
  • Treating And Inspecting Building Common Areas.

What Every Tenant Should Know About Indoor Allergens and the Asthma-Free Housing Act

Read or Download Local Law 11 Documentation. (LINK!@)

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