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Although bees are beneficial insects for the environment due to pollination, they do in fact pose a threat to humans. No one like to be stung, especially those that are medically allergic to bee stings. When your space is being invaded by bees, it’s important to properly identify whom exactly is the invader. We have dealt with all different types and distant relatives or species of bees including Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets and more.

Some of these species live above ground, while others live below ground. Each species also has different ways of organizing their colonies. Some bees may be aggressive while others are generally docile as long as they are left alone. A bee sting can be painful and will cause swelling plus irritation that could last for days. Standard Pest Management can help you with any potential bee invasion problem you may be having and are experts when it comes to hive removal.

The Types of Bees You Should Be Concerned With


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  • Most common bee problems are from Carpenter Bees, Bumble Bees, Wasps, Yellow Jackets & Bald-Faced Hornets
  • Honeybees are illegal to exterminate
  • Painful Bee stings can create Swelling & Irritation that lasts for days
  • Some Bees are highly defensive while others are harmless unless they’re bothered
  • Bees are valuable pollinators
  • Certain types of bees are only able to sting once in their lifetime

Bumble Bees

Bumble Bees are distinct from other species by their hairy abdomen and that distinct “buzzing” noise you hear as they fly. You can usually find them flying around underneath decks and around houses. Their nests could contain as many as 1,000 bumble bees so we would advise you not to try any type of removal by yourself.

Standard Pest Management specializes in the safe removal of bumble bee nests and have many partnerships with local beekeepers. If disturbed, that buzzing sound you hear will grow very loud and they will chase you for long distances until your stung. Their stings are very painful.


Have a Hornet problem? We’ll get rid of them for good! Standard Pest specializes in Hornet removal services. You can easily tell whether there are hornets on your property by spotting the nest. It appears as though its made out of light gray paper and can be quite large. We take Hornet problems very seriously because they pose a life threatening danger to humans. Hornets are capable of stinging multiple times which can cause severe pain, swelling and even death for those that are allergic. They are also a very aggressive bee species and should not be bothered.


A wasp nest can usually be found in high places or underneath overhangs where humans may have a tough time reaching them. This is of course done on purpose so that they feel protected from the elements and us. You might see a wasp nest hanging from a tree branch, a building or even within a bush. We can’t stress to you enough though to not disrupt any Wasp nest.

These types of bees can become very aggressive and will attack quickly if they feel that their colony is being threatened. Standard Pest Technicians will arrive at your home or business equipped in a fully protected bee suit so that we can extract the nest without any immediate danger of being stung. Safety is a big priority for our customers and technicians. There may also be several different nests in and around your property, so we’ll provide a thorough inspection to make sure there aren’t existing nests present on your property that need removal.

Carpenter Bees

The carpenter bee is unique in that this species bore through wood in order to develop nesting colonies. Therefore they are difficult to reach and remove. You should not attempt to do this by yourself, it should only be done by a professional pest management company that has the team as well as tools to properly remove them.

You can tell you’ve got an infestation by seeing visible pencil-sized holes within the wood or siding of your home. Although paint and staining can be a good deterrent, Carpenter Bees will in fact drill into almost any type of wood without a problem.

Yellow Jackets

Just as their name states, they appear to have bright stripes of yellow and black across their abdomen. They are also a major hazard to humans because of their aggressive nature. You’ll typically find them swarming around garbage cans as well as anywhere food is being served outdoors.

This is because they are carnivorous insects. During their larval stage, worker bees will scavenge looking for meat and sweets to feed their young. Yellow Jackets will build nests in and around property, areas such as within trees, shrubs and even inside your home’s walls.

Bald-Faced Hornets

Although Bald-Faced Hornets (also called “White Faced Hornets) have a bad reputation for being aggressive, it’s only when defending their nest. Outside of the nest, they tend to be beneficial insects killing other pesky bugs in the environment like flies. Their nests are what you usually see in Hollywood movies and are the shape of a football and of a slight grayish color. We often get calls for Bald-Faced Hornet removal when their nest is located in close proximity to a home, building or generally: people.

Residential Bee Removal & Control Services

Whether you spot a nest from your apartment balcony or own a home and have a bee problem, Standard Pest can help immediately. With the combination of experience going back to 1929 and local partnerships with beekeepers, our technicians can safely remove a bees nest and keep your family out of harm’s way.

Commercial Bee Removal & Control Services

Since we’re an environmentally conscious company, our main prerogative would be to safely relocate bees nests away from your property instead of killing them. You have to be very careful when hiring an exterminator. Many will just spray without targeting the initial hive, leaving you with a still-present problem. We have a professionally trained bee removal and relocation staff available for all of your commercial needs. Don’t let bees control your employee’s productivity or scare away customers and clients.

Developing a Custom Bee Removal Program Fit Just for You

Rather than developing an extermination process, we recognize that bees are beneficial to the environment. They’re really just a threat to humans when in close contact. Therefore it’s our commitment to utilize every possible effort to safely relocate bee colonies away from your property where they can live and pollinate away from you. Don’t Get Stung! Call the Experts.

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