Bird Mite Control & Removal Services  in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

These Mites are commonly found anywhere there is a flock or population of Birds. Unless they have been feeding, their appearance is usually translucent. The problem with Bird Mites comes down to infestation. Although they only live for about 12 days at a time, their population can quickly soar into the tens of thousands. Imagine all of that inside your home or commercial property?

Once Birds leave the nest, they leave behind Bird Mites. Bird Mites don’t feed on humans but are still capable of biting and causing an allergic reaction such as the presence of a rash or intense itching.

How Bird Mites Infest Buildings or Homes

Due to their microscopic size, they are easily able to infiltrate cracks or openings within your roofing or siding. They are at their peak during the spring and summer months when birds are at their highest population.

  • Bird Mites are microscopic to the naked eye
  • They don’t feed on the blood of humans
  • Can be found all over Bird nests
  • Population peaks and spreads during the spring and summer
  • Experienced in Bird Mite Extermination since 1929
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Highly Trained, Licensed, Insured Technicians
  • Serving Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester County & Long Island, NY

Multi-Sensory Optical Gel Disk Bird Deterrents in New York City or New Jersey

Our multi-sensory optical gel disks work incredibly well across a variety of unique surfaces, on different angles, are resistant to severe weather and will make your balcony, terrace or deck the most unattractive place to land on the planet for any type of bird. Upon seeing these disks, the birds become scared and fly elsewhere to roost.

In order for them to work properly and for you as our customer to get the maximum lifespan out of them, we’ll need to perform a complete cleaning of your balcony area if it’s been occupied by nuisance birds. Although the gel has a solid consistency and will not run, we’ll need these bird repellent disks to be secured in place by a compound such as silicon. This is why clean-up, especially if you have bird droppings, feathers, and past build-ups of nests along the surface is such an important process.

The Perfect Storm to Make Your Nuisance Birds Fly Elsewhere

These two deterrents are used together to ensure that birds remain off of the property. While one may work for a time, the two together ensure that the birds will look elsewhere to nest and perch for some time. However, as mentioned before, this is a monthly or bi-monthly service. Without the two deterrents constantly being put back into place, the birds will return, and the residence will be left in the same state as before.

As you’ve read, we have double-pronged approach here toward preventing and ridding your balcony or terrace of birds permanently or at the very least; controlling the population. Our dual deterrent method is highly effective and you’ll be happy to know that our team are specially trained just for this type of service. Birds are a large problem all over the New York City and NJ Metro Area!

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