Bird Mite Control & Removal Services In New York City, Westchester, & Long Island, NY

MitesThese Mites are commonly found anywhere there is a flock or population of Birds. Unless they have been feeding, their appearance is usually translucent. The problem with Bird Mites comes down to infestation. Although they only live for about 12 days at a time, their population can quickly soar into the tens of thousands. Imagine all of that inside your home or commercial property?

Once Birds leave the nest, they leave behind Bird Mites. Bird Mites don’t feed on humans but are still capable of biting and causing an allergic reaction such as the presence of a rash or intense itching.


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  • Bird Mites are microscopic to the naked eye
  • They don’t feed on the blood of humans
  • Can be found all over Bird nests
  • Population peaks and spreads during the spring and summer

How Bird Mites Infest Homes Or Buildings

Due to their microscopic size, they are easily able to infiltrate cracks or openings within your roofing or siding. They are at their peak during the spring and summer months when birds are at their highest population.

How We Exterminate Bird Mites

Because of their tiny size, they are almost impossible to spot by the naked eye. If you believe that you’ve got a Bird Mite infestation, you need to give us a call immediately. We are highly trained in the removal and extermination of Bird Mites from all kinds of homes or commercial properties.

We exterminate Bird Mites in an intelligent manner. This means going after the source of the infestation or the nest where Bird Mites constantly lay their eggs. Our technicians will expeditiously remove that entire population and go after the remnants in your home.