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Over 90 Years of commercial pest management within New York City, Long Island, Westchester County & Northern, NJ.

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Best-In-Class Pest Management Available Throughout The New York City Metro Area Since 1929.

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New York City Pest Control And Exterminators Serving NYC, Westchester County, Long Island, NY and Northern, NJ for Over 90 Years

Standard Pest Management has been solving New Yorkers pest problems since 1929. 2019 marks Standard’s 90th Year of setting the highest standards, established in 1929 we are the oldest pest control firm in New York City! Standard Pest Management is your New York Pest Control specialist.

Our mission is to provide effective professional pest control in New York city for all of our customers. We aim to improve the quality of life of our clients, community, environment and employees. We serve all types of customers from restaurant to retail and everything in between.

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blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Commercical Pest Management in New York City

Exterminators In NYC, Westchester County, Long Island & Northern, NJ

Standard has been setting the “standard” in pest control and extermination in NYC for four generations. All commercial accounts are overseen by our Quality Control division. What that means for you is that there is a second level of attention given to your account’s pest control.

We also employ the latest technology to provide you with the most accurate reporting regarding areas treated, corrective measures, and reporting. Additionally, materials used are of the highest quality, used by licensed exterminators and pest control experts, in accordance with the label, all right here in New York City or Northern, NJ.

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Standard Pest Management Work Van

When it comes to the differences between partnering with Standard vs another pest control company, i've always felt it important to emphasize just how important quality assurance is throughout every level of the service we provide. Our customers and their happiness has and will always be our number one priority."

Josh Bloom
VP, Standard Pest Management
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Areas we Service

Best-In-Class Pest Control & Exterminating Services Throughout NYC

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
  • Nassau County
  • Northern, New Jersey
blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape IPM Specialist Spraying Commercial Facility Pests

Commercial Pest Management for Facilities in the New York City Metro Area

A pest problem within your business or commercial property can become a huge liability. Not only can it negatively impact your company image or brand, but pests can be a threat to customers, employees and vendors. When it comes to commercial pest management or extermination services in New York City, Standard is very well suited to meet your every need. We take a flexible, modern approach toward keeping unwanted bugs, rodents or birds away from your commercial premises.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape pest management technician support staff at Standard Pest Management

Within warehouses and large storage facilities, bugs or rodents are often difficult to eliminate because they find clever hiding spots within hard-to-reach spaces. When our commercial exterminators visit an industrial client, we usually find pests that hide away inside shelving, tall ceilings, and even inside product boxes.

Since they’re looking for food, water and a cozy place to nest, they will look for the hardest to reach areas from your perspective to hide away. You can count on us for the very best in commercial pest management for just about every type of pest out there including bugs, flying insects, stinging insects, Rodents, nuisance Birds and wildlife.

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Pest Control

Common Pests We Encounter & Your Treatment Options

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Pigeon flock example

Bird Control & Deterrent Solutions Throughout NYC & Long Island

Concerned about issues stemming from Birds? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. At Standard Pest Management, we are your top choice within Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Westchester or Northern, NJ for comprehensive bird control & deterrent installations. We’re not stating this just for the sake of stating it, we actually operate a 100% unique, specialized crew whose sole focus are to make bird problems disappear for our customers.

Most common nuisance bird species such as Pigeons, Sparrows, Starlings or Seagulls might not seem like such a scary threat at first impression. Flocks start to become a much greater problem if your commercial property is without protection, serves a reasonable amount of foot traffic in the form of customers and employees. There are a wide range of liabilities to be concerned with because all are very real possibilities.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape bird control & deterrent installer in NYC by rooftop

Birds can cause all kinds of headaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week directly on your property. Droppings are not only a terrible eyesore, they are also highly acidic which means you’ll have to worry about refinishing or replacing exterior building materials and they carry disease. Their droppings along with nesting materials, feathers and any other elements they continue to bring back to their nest on a daily basis become a haven for disease, parasites and a host of other problems.

We provide just about every major facet of bird control and clean-up for any customer across all verticals or industries within New York. From the cleaning & disinfecting solutions we provide for those with bird dropping issues to highly customized deterrent solutions formulated to keep birds out of your property and even lower population count, we have got you covered. We only practice time-tested, industry standard techniques, have decades of experience, and really focus on becoming the last stop for any bird control solutions you may need.

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Bird Control

Only the Most Effective & Proven Deterrents for Bird Flocks Available

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Fly Extermination & Control in NYC

Fly Treatment & Control Services in New York City

Unfortunately, swatting flies with a newspaper is only a temporary solution to a far more persistent problem. The only way to get rid of them is by making sure their presence in the home of commercial facility is being managed by an experienced pest management company. You’re not just looking at a nuisance, but possible health issues when it comes to flies. Standard will help remove and prevent further infestations of the common house fly, drain flies, fruit flies, blow flies and gnats so you can go about your day in peace.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Fruit Fly Treatment & extermination services in NYC

It is essential to deal with the infestation as soon as you notice them avert a crisis. The best way to ensure that you get rid of these annoying creatures is to get help from a reputable drain fly cleaning and extermination company.

You can rely on Standard Pest Management for fly control in the New York Metropolitan area and NJ. We know how quickly a housefly infestation can escalate, which is why we offer meticulous and practical solutions.

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blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape example of a UV Light Fly Trap Hardware Installation inside a restaurant in NYC

UV Fly Trap Installation for Your Facility or Property

Of all the different available methods of removing sewer flies, UV traps are some of the most successful. At specific wavelengths, UV rays are irresistible to fruit flies. These traps are therefore created to attract the houseflies and then trap them onto sticky surfaces. Once they are caught, all that remains is to discard them. Over time, the housefly population in your property will dwindle until there are no more of these annoying insects left.

There are various types of UV fly traps that can be used to catch houseflies. The first is a wall-mounted trap. Typically, this Insect Light Trap is mounted within 5 feet of the floor. For narrow spaces such as hallways where a wall-mounted trap would be a bother, a ceiling mount is used instead. If the housefly nuisance is present in public areas, you can use decorative wall sconces to deal with the problem discreetly.

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Fly Control

Take Your Pick. We Have Experience Ridding Facilities of All Types of Flies

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Rodent Control & Extermination Services in NYC

Rodent Removal, Proofing & Exclusion Within the NYC Metro Area

The control of rats and mice within your home or facility can be tough unless you’ve got the right pest management partner by your side. They prove to be a nuisance year round looking for shelter, water and food. Our protection plan offered to residential and commercial customers will prevent and control the population of rats and mice.

We use sophisticated technology, plenty of analysis and reporting as well as Integrated Pest Management Techniques to keep these filthy predators out of your establishment. The strategy we use is that of providing exclusion & proofing for your premises. This means that our technicians will begin by searching for any entry-points or sites where infestation of rodents is active.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Rodent Proofing & Tree Pit Exclusion Specialist

Rats and mice will chew through practically anything to find food or shelter. Standard’s team will look through the most common areas we’ve found that rodents attempt to get in as well as other areas you might be having issues.

Once we’re able to pinpoint elements such as evidence of damage, nesting materials or the rodents themselves, we’ll get to work on the treatment end of things. We have a wide array of extermination solutions to keep rodent populations at bay including usage of dry ice within bait stations, cutting-edge rodent fertility control bait, and proactive sealing.

Since extermination solutions involving bait are just one component of the process, our team will work to seal off any holes or entrances your building offers. We do things such as install door sweeps, setup gutter guards, provide enhanced protection for vents and of-course, seal up existing damage. To sum things up, you can count on Standard Pest Management to keep all rats or mice in check at your facility.

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Rodent Control

Types of Rodents & Treatment Options

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Bed Bug Crawling on a Mattress

Bedbug Inspection, Treatment & Removal Throughout New York City

Have a bed bug problem? We feel your pain! Standard Pest Management specializes in the complete elimination of all bed bugs from your home, office, or facility. We provide residential and commercial services and they are kept 100% confidential. In our experience on the job killing bed bugs in NYC, we have developed time tested techniques combined with the latest in cutting edge technology.

Our technicians provide steam chemical treatments, full visual inspections, bed bug dog K-9 inspections and a whole slew of other modern methods to keep them away from you and out of your location.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Bed Bug Exterminator & Treatment in NYC

Voted New York’s Best Bed Bug Exterminator by New York Magazine, Standard Pest has been at the forefront of the current fight against the mass infestation of bed bugs in New York City. Our New York exterminators provide the latest in quality New York pest control services to treat bed bugs New York.

Including steam chemical treatments, visual inspections, bed bug dog K-9 inspections and a variety of other methods to combat your individual bed bugs issue, Standard’s New York exterminators team will work hard to provide you with a tailored solution to solve your bed bugs New York problems.

Learn More About Bed Bug Treatments & Inspections
Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Treatment & Inspection Options

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Integrated Pest Management Specialist Inspecting Commercial Area in NYC

Integrated Pest Management Solutions Provider for Your Facility

Is your facility getting bugged by insects, rodents, or other pests? Then you’ve come to the right place! Standard Pest Management of New York can bring cleanliness and comfort back to your business space. Here at Standard Pest Management, we’re unique because of the approach we take to treating infestations and preventing them from returning. Unlike other commercial pest control companies that spray harmful chemicals throughout your workspace, potentially leading to residual contamination in the air you breathe and on the surfaces you use day in and day out, we take what’s called an Integrated Pest Management approach.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape Standard Pest Management Technician Sealing Rooftop Access from Pests

This approach is built on the perspective that pests can be handled effectively without using methods that hurt people’s health or the environment. Instead of relying heavily on treatment via toxic chemicals, non-chemical alternatives like structural exclusion, baiting, trapping, and habitat modification are utilized to create healthy, long-term solutions.

Studies published by major research institutions like the University of North Carolina show that the IPM method creates much less pesticide residue and surface contamination than traditional pest control methods. We serve commercial & industrial clients throughout New York City, Long Island, NY, Westchester County, NY & Northern, NJ.

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