Bird Spikes Deterrent Installation Services in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Bird spikes are a cost effective tool to keep birds and pigeons of your property. When installed professionally they are an extremely effective pigeon deterrent. Bird Spikes keep larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls from landing and roosting on your property. Bird spikes can be installed on a variety of different surfaces and come in different colors to help match your property. Bird Spikes are a cost effective tool to for preventing birds from landing on window sills, rooflines, ledges, fences, under eaves, and other areas.

One of the Best Solutions for Protection from Birds

We offer bird spikes deterrent installation services for commercial and residential customers in Northern NJ and also in Westchester County, Long Island and NYC in New York. You can have the spikes installed to discourage birds from perching at a particular spot, such as on a ledge or balcony. The spikes are physical barriers that are not a health hazard for human beings or the environment.

Physical Barriers

A bird must spread the wings to fly up to a window or a sign. The design of the rows of spikes is used to prevent a bird from being able to safely perch on a window ledge or a sign because the spikes are tilted at an angle that would cause an injury to the wings if a bird tries to perch on the ledge or sign. The spikes are an environmentally-safe barrier that may be made from plastic or metal.

The Issues You May Face With Flocks of Birds

Each customer may experience a different problem from birds, such as noise from pigeons or sparrows that tap on a window. Some business owners want to control the problems from birds that are annoying his or her employees who use an outside picnic table during a lunch break. With the spikes, you can discourage birds from perching near your home, apartment or business.

Anti-roosting Barriers

If birds are causing a problem, then the birds should be discouraged from perching at that spot. Spikes are used as a physical barrier for controlling the problem. We can install the bird spikes and can also offer you some advice about methods to use for safely discouraging birds from perching at a particular spot, such as on a ledge, balcony, roof or sign.

Bird Population Control

If you are concerned about an increase in the local bird population, you can use techniques to encourage the birds to perch in a different place without causing harm to the birds. The spikes are a physical barrier that causes a sign or a window ledge to become an unsuitable place for birds. The trees in public parks are suitable places for birds to perch and to build a nest without causing a problem.

Health Concerns for Birds

Birds can cause an unhealthy situation for young children on a patio or balcony because birds can leave a mess on patio furniture. With a physical barrier, you can encourage the birds to perch in a different place. Many homeowners use a garden hose to spray a cleaning chemical on patio furniture each day to control the health hazard. You can use the spikes on a patio or balcony without causing harm to the birds.

Problems from Bird Feeders

A bird feeder can be used to attract birds and to encourage birds to perch near your home or apartment. Many children make a bird feeder as a school project and then use the bird feeder with a bird bath to attract birds. If your neighbor has a bird feeder, then the birds have a nearby food source and will continue to perch at a place that is near your home or apartment.

Professional Installation Solutions We Provide for Bird Spikes

We are committed to protecting the environment while we also provide professional services for our commercial and residential customers without causing any harm to a bird, such as a pigeon, starling or sparrow. Birds may perch on a ledge above a balcony because there are not any nearby trees in a huge city, such as in NYC where there are several tall buildings in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Please contact our professional installers for more information about our bird spikes deterrent installation services.

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