Bird Spike Installations

bird spikesBird spikes are a cost effective tool to keep birds and pigeons of your property. When installed professionally they are an extremely effective pigeon deterrent. Bird Spikes keep larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls from landing and roosting on your property.
Bird spikes can be installed on a variety of different surfaces and come in different colors to help match your property. Bird Spikes are a cost effective tool to for preventing birds from landing on window sills, rooflines, ledges, fences, under eaves, and other areas. Contact us for a free estimate!

Bird Spikes Installation Video

Our Past Bird Spike Deterrent System Gallery

bird spikes installation on a shopping center

Bird spikes along the ledge

Once installed the spikes keep the birds off this shopping center.

bird spike install on gate box cover

Bird spikes installed

Spikes are effective of keeping away from signs and awnings

cleaning bird droppings and installing bird spikes

Bird dropping cleanup and spike installation

Cleaning the droppings of this sign and installing bird spikes.