Bird Wire Deterrent Installation Services in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

Bird Wire is a cost effective physical deterrent that will keep birds off your buildings & property. Bird wires is a low profile bird deterrent used to keep large birds off ledges, parapet walls, rooflines, handrails and more. Bird Wire consists of a nylon-coated stainless steel wire that is suspended between a series of poles. The wire is attached to springs, when birds land on the wire; the springs make an unstable landing surface.

We Can Make Your Flock Problems Go Away

Commercial and residential properties throughout the NYC and NJ areas are well acquainted with the troublesome bird populations and the havoc they can wreak on buildings and structures. From Long Island to the Bronx, these avian pests create a nuisance by spreading debris, feathers, and potentially disease throughout the area.

There are several different theories about how to clean the areas and get rid of the birds and everything they bring with them. Although most of the old wives’ tales do not bring lasting peace from the unwanted squatters, there are professional services that can help alleviate the situation in an amicable and more permanent manner.

Why Birds Love Cities

The pigeon, sparrow, and starling species are among the most beautiful and intelligent birds on the planet. However, they lose their beauty and value when nesting on commercial building and throughout multi-dwelling residential buildings. In these situations, they can cause damage to electrical wires, utility conduits, and roofing materials. Birds also create unpleasant odors and noises.

However, they are drawn to major metropolitan areas for many of the same reasons as humans. Sometimes these Manhattan and Queens layovers are simply stops on a migratory route. Think of these flocks as the local sightseeing tours or holiday travelers. Other times, birds make a home for themselves in NYC, Brooklyn, and other trendy neighborhoods. They like the free food left about on the sidewalks and unsuspecting human hands, and prefer the relatively mild climate of the northern United States.

Protecting Your Commercial or Residential Property Nuisance Birds

Standard Pest Management fully specializes in all project sizes when it comes to bird wire installations. Whether squirrels or birds are infiltrating a home or business, they can be handled swiftly and humanely. Because of the damage that can be done to attics and rooftops, the time to request a professional opinion is immediately upon noticing their is a potential infestation.

There are several options created specifically for the removal or deterrent of bird populations. These typically work well within the city or in rural areas. One of the most popular options available is the installation of bird wire around vulnerable areas. This system deters birds from landing on ledges, rooftops, and other outreaching precipices that are so attractive to these species.

Your Bird Wire Installation Options

Because each area is unique, there are bird wire options that may be more suitable for an office building in NYC than for a structure in Westchester. Depending on the size of the problem and the scope of work, different materials may be required for the job of guiding birds away from a specific area.

Large, heavy spikes may be required for heavily populated areas or large and sturdy rooftops. Thinner options are also available and can be almost as thin as fishing wire, but equally as sturdy thanks to the innovative technology and resiliency of nylon wire options. The overall goal is to keep the integrity and appearance of the structure intact while discouraging the landing of flight birds.

This can be accomplished by a professional installer. Hiring an expert is the easiest way to solve the problem of birds landing on any rooftop, whether business or residential. The installation process can begin promptly and the installer will inspect the area, measure for appropriate coverage, and begin the installation within the same day in many cases. If you are experiencing the headache of birds landing on your business or home structures, contact us today. We can schedule an estimate and begin the bird wire deterrent installation process at your convenience.

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