Starling Control & Removal Solutions in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island, NY

StarlingFun fact about Starlings; they were actually first introduced to this country by way of Brooklyn, NY in 1850. That’s right here in our service coverage area! Once they were introduced, they quickly spread throughout the United States. House Sparrows, Pigeons, European Starlings are a very populated group of birds that reside in the NYC metro area which are actually in the minority when it comes to protection from federal laws. It’s illegal under federal law to harm and even disturb the nests of almost any other type of avian species. That’s a fact that you’ve got to take at face value. Starlings are a true nuisance to homeowners and commercial property owners alike throughout New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County, NY.

Their primary source of food are grains, followed by insects, and finally the discarded food from garbage which is tossed away. The technicians in charge of Starling deterrent systems commonly find more problems among commercial properties due to the wealth of discarded food that has come from customers or employees. Like Pigeons and Sparrows, European Starlings will hang around within their nests and wait hours on end for the right time to forage food for themselves or their young. 

The types of Starling Deterrents We Use On Your Residential & Commercial Properties

At Standard Pest Management, we pride ourselves on being able to construct fully custom deterrents in order to keep Starlings from finding entry points to nest and to keep them away. Their nesting areas include ledges with overhang, rooftops, window sills, entryways to buildings/homes, signage and far more than we can list. They find entrance into many homes and businesses through vents, ducts, wall holes, wall gaps, and of course, windows. Our most commonly used deterrents for Starlings are listed below.

Bird Wire

Like so many other birds, European Starlings like being perched up alongside flat surfaces on your home or commercial property. Our Bird wire deterrents keep them from enjoying any sort of stability. Instead of landing or gathering on a flat surface, they’ll be landing on a wire composed of steel, coated with Nylon and help up by springs. These springs are what provide a completely unstable surface for a Starling to land on.

Shock Track

If Starlings have made your home or business, they’re own; the shock track will send them elsewhere. We realize it may sound a bit aggressive, but it’s essentially harmless. The shock-track systems we install are barely visible to the naked eye. Therefore, the appearance conscious will favor this type of protection over others. It also functions exactly as intended. If a starling attempts to land on the shock track, they will receive a powerful, yet harm-less jolt. This will tell it and all the members of its flock that your property is not fit for nesting in any way possible!

Bird Netting

Our experts use Bird netting for a wide variety of projects. Although it can be used for just about any type of project, it’s typical that we approach larger outdoor spaces with ideas of netting deterrents. When our customer is faced with a huge nesting problem that is on-going within outdoor spaces, we will custom fit Bird netting to keep out any flocks. Before we do this, our team will get to work cleaning out any nests. This includes Starling droppings, feathers, twigs, pests, and much more. We have high PSI industrial grade power-washing equipment to get the job done properly. Once the area is clean and secure, we’ll put the netting in place. This will keep all European Starlings and other birds from entering or creating future nesting sites.

Bird Spikes

Our Bird spike deterrent systems don’t actually harm the Starlings giving you issues. They exist more like a early-warning system which is designed to not so-subtly say “Do Not Land Here” Although, Bird spike deterrents aren’t the most fashionable or discreet; they do the job effectively. Since Starlings and other nuisance Birds prefer landing and nesting on flat spaces, spikes are the last place they’d want to be.

OvoControl Flock Management

This type of deterrent can be looked upon as an addition to an existing Bird control system you have put in place for proactive measures. It works by automatically dispensing bait, which the Starlings will feed upon and eventually bring to their nest. It contains a substance that prevents them from being able to reproduce. It is not harmful and does not kill, however in areas where the nesting and population of birds is “out of control,” this goes a long way toward helping alleviate nuisances.

Residential Starling Control & Removal Solutions in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island, NY

Whether you live in a house, brownstone, condo or apartment complexes, Starlings do not discriminate. They can be incredibly invasive, annoying and a downright hazard. We specialize in Starling removal and management for all types of residential establishments. Over the years, our team has built all different types of custom-based Starling-deterrents in order to prevent them from nesting.

Most of our residential customers have come to us with complaints about foul odors, accumulated feathers or droppings and a host of other issues. We are proud to let you know that Standard Pest Management have decades of experience working with homeowners to eradicate as well as control existing problems. It would be our mutual goal to rid your nuisance Starling population from your home.

Commercial Starling Control & Removal Solutions in New York City, Westchester County and Long Island, NY

Running a business or operating a commercial property is a tough and costly endeavor. When you add birds such as Starlings into the mix, then things start to go south. When you have nests popping up and are surrounded by Starlings, you have to understand that they will never go away unless you obtain some type of help. We specialize in providing businesses and commercial properties with the protection/deterrent systems they need to keep Starlings away for good!

Starlings can pose a huge hazard to your business. Think about the effect they’re presence would have on your customer base and even your employees. Over time, the nests get larger and larger. Alongside this come piles of toxic, acidic droppings that destroy paint and other materials. Loose feathers will be spread throughout your property and the stench of Starling droppings will permeate the entire surroundings. Your business is supposed to be a place you’d like your customers to come to. Why give people a reason to go to the competition? We are capable of handling small to large-scale projects and we pride ourselves on being able to install intricate deterrent systems for the most complex crevices.

Why Residential & Commercial Starling Nesting Is Such a Hazard

Whether you own a residential piece of property or commercial property, the stakes are equally as high when it comes to nuisance Birds such as the European Starling. The droppings of these birds contain Fungi which can spread human disease such as hlamydiosis, coccidiosis, erysipeloid, parathyroid, pullorum, samonellosis, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis, various encephalitis viruses, internal parasites, acariasis, schistosomiasis, taeniasis, toxoplasmosis and trichomoniasis.

Starlings can even bring other types of pests into your home, which are equally as destructive or dangerous. Their nests could possibly contain Mites, Ticks, Bed Bugs, Beetles, Moths, Fleas, and even Lice; All of which can lead to health and infestation issues down the road.

If you have vegetation and other species of Birds that are on your property, the European Starling can be a danger to both. They are known to peck away at whatever food they can get including fruits, vegetables, plants and any other vegetation you may have growing. Starlings will also chase out other birds, which within your own ecosystem were helping you keep other pests away in the first place.

If you’re spotting nests or have a rather large on-going issue with Starlings, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. For decades, Standard Pest Management has been protecting property owners from the nesting of Nuisance Birds. We can do the same for you.

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