Cockroach Control & Removal Services In New York City, Westchester County, Long Island or NJ

Standard Pest Management provides the very best in cockroach removal services throughout Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island & Northern NJ. We have been exterminating roaches since our humble beginnings in 1929. Roaches are an enormous problem and if you happen to spot a few in your home, we guarantee there are more hiding elsewhere.

Our Roach control technicians have years of experience combatting and removing even the most severe infestations. From large commercial buildings to small homes, we can handle the project effortlessly.


  • Established in 1929
  • Serving the entire New York Metro Area
  • Highly experienced in exterminating Roaches
  • Friendly & Affordable service
  • Monthly Cockroach control programs
  • Single Application programs also available


  • Transmit disease
  • Contaminate food
  • Create allergies
  • Spread like wildfire
  • Can survive for a month without food
  • Active mostly at nighttime
  • Usually found in the kitchen looking for something to eat

The Bane of Our Planet

Roaches have been around for millions of years. Some say they’ll be the last standing even after a nuclear apocalypse. We would have to agree. They are tough to get rid of due to their high rate of reproduction and general hiding habits. At night, you can see them come out in the kitchen looking for food. During the day, you may only spot them in the cabinets or behind shelving. If you happen to see them out in the open during the day, then you’ve got a serious infestation problem.

The problems That Roaches Cause

Usually we would associate a roach problem as the result of an unsanitary environment and most of the time it’s true. However, since they’re so adept at crawling through spaces and in between walls, your neighbor’s roach problem could spill into your apartment. There’s no end to the unhappiness and general discomfort they can cause. Roaches are responsible for contaminating food – causing food poisoning, transmitting disease, and creating allergy problems for those with asthma. The diseases they cause have been known to include Strep, Dysentery, Cholera, and Salmonellosis.


Commercial Roach Removal & Control Services

Don’t run the risk of your business receiving daily visits from Roaches. It could ruin you financially and wreck your image with potential customers. At Standard Pest Management we specialize in providing monthly Roach control treatments to all kind of businesses. This is especially important in the food industry where you have to worry about health grades from New York State as well as compliance. Our technicians will keep your facility clean, roach-free and even educate staff on how to maintain a sanitized environment that won’t attract roaches.

Residential Roach Removal & Control Services

Roaches reproduce rapidly and because of this we utilize the very best in Integrated Pest Management to get down to business. Our roach exterminator will begin inspecting your home for signs of infestation and begin targeting where Roach eggs have been found. Our key is stopping the infestation from growing in its tracks.

How You Can Tell That You Have a Roach Infestation

Within New York City in particular, it’s very easy to tell whether you have a roach problem or not. If you see a few of them during the day around your kitchen or bathroom, there are far more hidden behind the walls or cupboards waiting to come out when you’re gone. These unsightly creatures are mostly active at night while you’re asleep in search of food and water.

Cockroach Types & Appearance

Found a roach in your home or office and want to know exactly what species it is? There are thousands around the world but only four major players commonly disgust New Yorker’s.

These include:

German Cockroach

These are popular in-door roaches that can be seen in restaurants, food establishments, nursing homes and plenty of other facilities. They are of a light brown color and have stripes located on the pronotum behind their head. Since their preference are warm, moist areas, you will most likely find them indoors scurrying around for food or trying to hide.

Brown Banded Cockroach

These roaches are about half an inch long and have two light yellow bands that run across their backside. Like the German Cockroach, they dwell primarily indoors within apartments, homes, hotels, restaurants and offices. They uniquely prefer high locations such as ceilings, hiding behind picture frames, and shelving. They don’t have the largest desire for moisture and will commonly nest outside of the kitchen and bathroom. For example, near furniture, closets, shelving, cabinets, and electronic appliances.

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental Cockroach also known as the “Waterbug” is the type of roach you often see scurrying around near garbage and waste outdoors on city streets. They feed on disgusting, decaying, waste materials. We have seen them living in large colonies within storm drains and sewer lines. They have a black to brownish exterior which is shiny and have wings. The interesting thing about their wings though is their lack in the ability to fly.

American Cockroach

With a body measurement up to two inches long, this is the most common type of Roach you’ll see invade your home. They are common all over the North-Eastern United States and are relatively large in size. Their primary reason for infesting homes and buildings is their constant search for food. American Cockroaches are just as filthy as their relatives in that, they spread bacteria and parasites which can lead to disease like E. coli. They also contaminate food and other household products with saliva and fecal matter.

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