Garbage Compactor Chute Cleaning In  New York City, Westchester and Long Island, NY 

What do I need to know about compactor chute cleaning?

chute cleaningOur Service Protocol:

  • Pre-Soak: Using a de-greaser, we pre-soak the chute system, floor by floor, to loosen inorganic & organic debris and soften the materials which may have adhered to the chute walls.
  • Power Wash: We steam power wash (at +210 degrees) the entire chute system, using a Microbe-Cleaner, a powerful disinfectant formulated with premium natural, scum-eating, odor-eliminating microbes that contains no harsh chemicals or odors.
  • Deodorizing: We apply an enzyme treatment to the chute that feeds on bacteria and other residue, leaving you with a cleaner fresher smelling chute.

In New York City, Westchester and Long Island, NY there are many reasons why you should clean your compactor chute. Over the years it has been scientifically proven that bacteria within smelling distance can become the source of harmful effects on the throat, eyes, and nose. Within garbage compactors the buildup of numerous types of trash will combine into an incredibly dangerous form of bacteria. At Standard Pest in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island, NY our method fully sanitizes your compactor chute, and leaves it smelling fresher than before.

In New York City, Standard Pest uses the Landa MHC Pressure Washer to combat the most extreme odors. The Landa MHC Pressure Washer is currently one of the best tools on the market for our industry. In order to correctly remove bacteria, and odors you need water that fires with enough force and heat to obliterate the source. The Landa MHC Pressure Washer is outfitted with a staggering 3500 Psi and 12V DC heating option heating the water up to 210° degrees.

In order to understand the true value of this pressure washer one first needs to understand the intensity of removing built up garbage. Typically, Compactor Chutes in Westchester are only cleaned twice a year. That being said some companies have gone above and beyond in dedication to providing a healthy environment and have their compactor chutes cleaned several times a year. However, it’s important to understand that as garbage is tossed into the compactor it sits, and its bacteria multiplies by the hour. Often times the combination of different bacteria’s can only make this worse.

In Long Island, NY the chances of infestation, pests, insects, and rodents making it into your compactor chutes, or garbage bins is very high. Pests are attracted to the odors emitted by rotting garbage, as well as the shelter they provide from other predators. By pressure washing your compactor chutes regularly you can not only avoid the atrocious odors, but you can prevent the infestations that eventually require much more expensive solutions.

Compactor Chute Dust Treatment In New York City, Westchester and Long Island, NY 

According to the EPA the greatest risk of health complications facing residents of New York City, Westchester, and Long Island, NY is low quality interior air. The combination of odors, bacteria, dust, dirt, and other residues plaguing garbage chutes is highly dangerous. The dust, and dirt alone inside of compactors is enough to facilitate harmful symptoms in the eyes, nose, ears, and throat of anyone who comes in contact with them.

chute dustingChute Dusting Treatment service consists of:

  • Insecticide dust application via dust machine.
  • Residual insecticide application in Compactor room.
  • Growth regulator application.

We also offer chute power washing services & odor control solutions for compactor chutes. Buildings benefit the most when service is scheduled on bi monthly or quarterly chute treatment schedule.

At Standard Pest we are your partner in providing healthy solutions to these situations. It goes without saying that the dust present in these compactor chutes creates the perfect breeding ground for infestations. This can include, rodents, insects, and bacteria’s. Together the odors that are created can be detrimental to the health of all those in New York City who breathe them in.

Here at Standard Pest we have the tools necessary to remove this threat from your establishment. We utilize the extremely powerful Landa MHC Pressure Washer, with 3500 Psi in water force at 210°. As well as a 12V DC heat source enough persistence will remove virtually all dust from your compactor chute. 

Power Washing Services In New York City, Westchester and Long Island, NY 

degreasingOver time your garbage compactor is going to become a pool of bacteria. This can be very unhealthy for your employees, and customers. As we fill up our garbage compactors in Westchester, NY they become stocked with everything from clothes to food to papers. In many cases the food that is thrown into garbage compactors will burst and leak into each other. This fusion of different garbage creates a toxic breeding ground for infestations of all kinds. These infestations range from rodents, to insects, to bacterial birthing grounds. The very odor of these sites is enough to produce life changing symptoms for those who suffer them.

Thankfully, the staff at Standard Pest is skilled in completely sanitizing garbage compactors in New York City. We use the Landa MHC Pressure Washer with 3500 Psi of force to remove scum. This state of the art pressure washer has a built in 12V DC heat source that allows us to utilize high powered hot water @ 210° in an effort to fully kill bacteria and remove built up grease.


Sidewalk Cleaning

Keep your sidewalks looking clean.

grease cleaning

Trash Areas

Cleaning away grease and odors that attract pests.

cleaning grease technician

Degreasing Garbage Areas

Degreasing the toughest areas.

Bird Dropping Removal

Every resident of New York City knows the huge problem of bird droppings. Whether they scatter your rooftop, your building, or your home these pests present a serious problem. Not only are bird droppings very unattractive but they also present health risks. The aging remains of the droppings are extremely unhealthy to be exposed to whether its scent, or touch. Tracking these remains by foot into your work environment is just as bad.

Standard Pest will utilize only the greatest available methods to remove bird droppings from your establishment. With the Landa MHC Pressure Washer we can erase all of those ugly bird droppings with ease.


Pest Infestation Cleanups

Wherever there is waste, there will be pests. In Long Island, NY Pest Infestation Cleanups are part of any successful business’s priorities. Whether it’s in garbage bins, compactors, or chutes pest infestations are a serious problem. The decaying bacteria present in these spaces facilitates thriving breeding grounds for insects to multiply at alarming rates.

In New York City, Standard Pest has the skill to remove these plagues from your workplace or home. Through the use of our Landa MHC Pressure Washer we can clear the field in question of garbage, bacteria, infestations, and debris with simplicity.

If you have a garbage compactor chute that is in need of sanitation please call Standard Pest today. Our team acts quickly, and efficiently to remove any health threats facing your company.

OdorControlTrashRoom-300x189Auto Misting Systems

Our Worry – free solution to controlling foul odors.

Trash chutes, Dumpsters, and compactors at commercial properties create a unique set of problems. Complaints from patrons or residents can cost you both aesthetically and functionally due to down-time and maintenance costs. System Benefits:

  • Self-contained, programmable, fully automated, 24/7Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.04.30 PM
  • Controls even the toughest odors