Ejector Pit Pest Control Solutions in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County & Northern, NJ

We offer services for ejector pit pest management for our commercial customers in Northern NJ and also in Westchester County, NYC and Long Island in New York, which includes the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. The pest management system includes an installed pump for automatically pumping the cleaning and pest extermination chemicals into the system for the ejector pit. We will provide monthly maintenance services for the pest management system, which also has an odor control feature.

Control for Pests and Maintenance Problems

The problems from pests in an ejector pit can be combined with the traditional problems from clogged sewer lines to cause severe inconveniences for the tenants in a building. With the pest management system, you will also have a method for controlling the problems from clogged sewer lines because the cleaning chemicals can dissolve grease. You can control the buildup of fatty deposits inside the system for the lift station, which can help to control the future costs for maintenance services.

Automatic Features for Pest Control

The convenience of the automatic features can help you to avoid the difficult process for trying to find emergency maintenance services, which can be difficult during the evening hours. With a method for controlling the problems, you could increase the level of customer satisfaction for your tenants. The ejector pit pests will be controlled in the lift station to prevent problems from an infestation in your building.

Types of Ejector Pit Pests

The environmental conditions in a lift station are favorable for several different kinds of pests that will usually try to find a dark place to hide. The pest extermination features of the pest management system can be used to control sewer flies, mosquitoes, American cockroaches and water bugs. The weather conditions can be an important factor for problems from pests, such as problems from mosquitoes during the hot summer months. With the pest management system, you can prevent problems from pests on the upper floors in your building, such as an infestation.

Odor Control Features

Several environmental factors can affect the social atmosphere in a building and the health of the tenants. The social atmosphere in a building can be improved if there are fewer problems. An unpleasant odor from a lift station is a problem that you can control with our pest management system. There is a pleasant orange fragrance that is used for odor control, but the feature is not used to conceal a problem because the cleaning chemicals and the chemicals for pest extermination are used to control the problems.

Safe Features for the Environment

Our pest management system also has a safe feature for not introducing any harsh acids or caustic chemicals into the sewer lines. There are not any hazardous fumes to cause a health problem for your tenants. With the pest management system, you can control the problems without causing other problems, such as environmental or water quality problems. The enhanced quality of your building can be automatically controlled by the features for the system without splashback problems.

Preventative Maintenance Procedures

With preventative maintenance procedures, you can control the costs for future maintenance services and can also control the factors that contribute to the problems from pests. The automatic features of the pest management system are used to ensure that the problems will be controlled without causing an inconvenience for a building manager. We understand the various aspects of the pest problems for our customers who live in huge buildings in NYC, especially in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Please contact us for more information about the ejector pit pest management system.

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