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Flies, whether at home or work, are dangerous and disgusting nuisances. They spread germs and fecal matter wherever they go. They are also unsightly and can be, in some settings, plainly revolting.

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The effects of a fly infestation in a commercial establishment are debilitating. If customers see these insects in your shop, they will conclude that you are unsanitary and simply go elsewhere. This is particularly true if you run a food and beverage business.

An infestation on your premises will affect more than your revenue. You could also get in trouble with the authorities, especially in a city like New York City, where sanitation regulations are strictly enforced. These pesky insects can cost you a lot of money in terms of fines. If you run an eatery, you could lose your license.

Fly Control

Types of Flies Standard Pest Management Can Help Exterminate

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Our Fly Treatment & Control Services in the NYC Metro Area

Dealing with a lone fly that wanders into your premises may not be a difficult task. You could manage to kill it after a few attempts. Unfortunately, these pests rarely ever show up alone. If you see one garbage fly, it could be a warning sign that more are on their way, and if you notice a few house flies, the probability of an infestation occurring increases exponentially.

Flies reproduce at an alarming rate. A single female insect lays over 900 eggs in a lifetime, so you can imagine how quickly a few of them can multiply. You would be forgiven for thinking that the entire purpose of a fly’s life is to reproduce.

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Places We Typically Find Fly Infestations

These insects thrive under two conditions, heat and odor. Any place in your home, restaurant, or other commercial building where there are high temperatures or strong smells is a potential breeding ground for the pests. Keep in mind that odors don’t necessarily mean nasty smells. Even the aroma wafting from your kitchen is strong enough to attract house flies from a mile away.

In our decades of offering house fly removal services in New York City and Northern New Jersey, we have noticed that the following areas are particularly prone to house fly infestation:

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Industries we Provide Fly Treatment & Control Solutions for

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Drain Fly Treatment, Cleaning & Foaming

The appeal of sewers to drain flies is self-evident. Drains are covered in slime and disgusting dirt, which for flies signifies the perfect place to inhabit and lay eggs. The odor in sewers only makes them more attractive to these insects. This is why house fly treatment is an essential part of the extermination process.

If we determine that the pests in your premises originate from the sewers, we will employ effective treatment and removal tactics to solve the problem permanently. This would include foaming applications, exclusion methods, drain cleaning, and any other appropriate measures.

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Treatment Options for Commercial Facilities & Common Pests

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Restaurant Fly Treatment, Extermination & Traps

Restaurants are particularly vulnerable to house fly infestations. Kitchens, in particular, create the perfect environment for house flies to flourish. The heat from the cookers and the smell from cooking food attract house flies in droves to restaurants. If you often leave surfaces wet or dirt lying around, you increase your chances of an infestation even more.

At Standard Pest Management, we specialize in restaurant fly removal in New York City. We understand that sanitation is key to a thriving restaurant business. We also know that harsh chemicals have no place in a kitchen, so we start with organic extermination methods. We also employ inconspicuous treatment methods like using decorative insect light traps to catch these annoying insects.

Learn More About Fly Treatment for Restaurant & Bar
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UV Fly Trap Installations for Restaurants & Commercial Facilities in the NYC Metro Area

Most insects are attracted to light, and you will see them hovering around bulbs and other lighting fixtures. With this, many New York City and New Jersey property owners are now using UV light as a residential house fly control tool. Using UV light as a pest management tool, residents mitigate the adverse effects of sprays and chemicals when using alternate means of pest control.

These traps lure insects towards them and draw them to the metal grid that electrocutes them. This method of exterminating insects is environmentally friendly and extremely efficient. As long as the trap is connected to a power source, it will trap and kill an unlimited number of insects. Efficient pest management in NJ and NYC homes is essential to avoid severe infestation that becomes challenging to deal with.

There are two types of UV fly traps, the ones that electrocute flying insects and those that capture them with sticky glued pads. The Electrical UV trap is more prevalent in eateries and bars because stuck insects on a pad are an unpleasant sight at a restaurant.

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Garbage Fly Treatment & Removal

Garbage is a natural habitat for these insects. Rotten food in garbage cans provides house flies with the nourishment they need, and the stench from the dumps attracts them from miles away. The best way to prevent house flies from infesting your garbage can is to observe proper hygiene and never leave the trash can open.

If the garbage fly problem persists despite your efforts, then you should contact a professional removal company. Some useful methods of getting rid of the house flies include using exclusion treatments and liquid applications.

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Commercial Fly Treatment & Management in NYC

Flies in a NYC establishment such as an office block, hospital, theater, or school are such a turnoff. Not only do they spread diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and salmonella, they can also ruin your reputation. People will think twice about going to a fly infested hospital or shopping in an infested store. This is why you need to get professional extermination services.

The first step in removing flies from your property in New York City is to identify the source of the problem. What attracts the filthy insects to your property? Do you have sewer problems, or is your garbage disposal system the problem?

Once the origin of the problem is identified, there is a need to find the best way to get rid of them. If the bottle flies are coming from an external source, then exclusion treatments will be your best cause of action. This could include installing self-closing doors or having obstructive window screens to keep the flies at bay.

Alternatively, you can have liquid chemicals to kill the flies. Another method is to contaminate the breeding grounds making them inhospitable to flies. A professional exterminator will know which removal method is best suited to your Long Island property.

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Food & Beverage Facility Fly Management, Treatment & Trap Installations

Fly management and removal in a New York City food and beverage facility are of paramount importance. In such a setting, hygiene matters a lot. The sight of a solitary drain fly in your eatery is enough to make some customers lose their appetite, and your business will get a bad reputation. Worse still, should the authorities happen to inspect your property and find house flies, you will be in a lot of trouble. It is best to contact an extermination company as soon as you notice flies in your property to prevent all this.

Food and beverage facility house fly management needs to be done carefully and thoroughly. Ideally, organic, Eco-friendly products should be used in a restaurant, unless the circumstances call for something stronger. You can also get UV traps installed since they are highly efficient and can even be disguised as part of your décor.

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The Types of Flies We Exterminate

At Standard Pest Management, we are experts at exterminating all sorts of house flies.

The most common kinds that we deal with regularly include:

Drain Flies

As the name suggests, these insects are found in drains. You can easily mistake them for small moths, but they are more deadly than moths. They feed on revolting waste in the sewers and then contaminate surfaces. You will probably notice them in the bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor drain.

Learn More About Drain Flies

House Flies

House flies are ubiquitous. These gray-colored irritants can be found virtually everywhere, and they feed on anything from fecal matter to the food on your plate. They are also the worst kind of vectors.

Learn More About House Fly Treatment & Control

Bottle Flies

These blue-green hued pests are called bottle or blow flies since they are commonly found in bloated and rotting animal carcasses. They often lay eggs in these carcasses as well as in garbage dumps. Because of their attraction to decaying animals, they are a common nuisance in slaughterhouses and meat processing plants.


Gnats may appear weak, but their strength lies in their numbers. A single female gnat can lay up to 10, 000 eggs at a time. This means that a residential gnat infestation will quickly spiral out of control. The insects do not spread disease, but they can cause severe allergic reactions. Some varieties also bite, which makes them quite vexing.

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Flies can cause you immense worry. Fortunately, dealing with this menace is possible. With professional NYC fly extermination services, you can get rid of these troublesome insects. If you need quality fly treatment or control services, be sure to reach out to us today. We will do our best to eliminate the annoying pests from your property.

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