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Becoming seriously annoyed trying to get rid of pesky flies? We don’t blame you one bit. They are a constant nuisance. As soon as they find their way into your home, business or establishment, they just buzz around in search of food. When you try to swat them, most of the time you’ll miss. It’s a constant cat and mouse game, but at Standard Pest Management we’ve mastered the rules. We don’t tolerate the presence of any type of fly infestation. Now having one or two flies in and out can be a nuisance but once more and more get in, you’re going to require the help of true professionals that can take control of the situation.

For over 90 years, Standard Pest Management has been helping to exterminate and control fly problems in homes, businesses and practically any type of facility you can imagine. We feel your frustration when you tell us that you’ve “tried using over-the-counter” products to no avail. Like so many other pests, flies can become a major hindrance quickly due to their quick breeding patterns, carrying of pathogens-disease, and their spreading of bacteria each time they land on something. With our experience, we can quickly formulate a plan that will eliminate your current fly problem and strategize a monthly control program that will keep them out for good.


Identifying & Examining Flies In Your Establishment

Before we begin exterminating, there needs to be a clear, concise plan in place so we get things done properly the first time around. We understand that you have a life and each day you have to deal with these flies is an unnecessary hassle.

So our technicians will start by trying to identify exactly what type of flies have invaded your home, place of business, building or facility.

These are a few of the most common types:


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  • There are 10,000 species of flies in the USA
  • Spread disease each time and everywhere they land
  • One pair of flies can produce over one million offspring within a few short weeks
  • House flies defecate every four to five minutes
  • The House Fly carries over 100 different types of disease causing germs
  • Flies lay eggs on your food and vomit before eating

Commercial Fly Removal & Control Services

Flies may be tiny, but they can do serious damage from a number of angles. Since their primary goal is looking for food and water, they are a constant threat to restaurants, all types of establishments that serve food and even bars. Flies carry a dirty reputation and can spread that over to your business ruining its image and financial stability. In this day and age with social media and smartphones, you’d be amazed at how quickly a snapshot of unwanted flies in your restaurant could make the rounds online. You also have to worry about the New York Health Department possibly shutting your business down in the wake of an infestation.

Relax, these are all nightmare scenarios. Standard Pest Management has been providing restaurants, bars and all types of commercial establishments with fly extermination and management services since 1929. We use a variety of integrated pest management techniques in order to eliminate the problem and then control it consistently. We have a large staff of highly trained technicians backed up by an experienced entomologist and coverage throughout New York City, Westchester County and Long Island.

Residential Fly Removal & Control Services

We are highly trained in the fine art of fly removal within homes, apartment buildings, co-ops, condos and other housing throughout the New York Metro area. Trust us when we say that flies are dirty insects. They’re not only annoying but carry disease and can develop into a serious swarm if left untreated. Did you know that ever time a fly lands on your food, it vomits and spreads bacteria before feeding?

At Standard Pest we’ll put together a comprehensive plan to eliminate your current fly problem and provide preventative services to keep them out of your kitchen and home. No type of fly has any place buzzing around in your home.

Blow Flies

You’ve also probably seen this fly around. They also go by the term “bottle flies” and the name “blow” comes from the environment their larvae is grown into. They are commonly found infested within bloated or rotting animal carcasses.

They have always posed a problem for meat processing plants, garbage dumps, slaughterhouses or anywhere else meat is served and discarded. They are a bit larger than the house fly and slightly metallic in appearance. It’s usually of a blue or green hue.

Fruit Flies

Just as the name suggest, fruit flies feed on decaying fruits and vegetables. Although this is where they get their name from, they can also be found hovering around trash piles and garbage bins looking for a meal. These are the flies you encounter in your home or facility that almost seem to spontaneously generate.

We know what you’re thinking: “Where do they come from?” It’s simple really, a female fruit fly can lay up to 500 eggs at once. A complete life cycle is possible as little as eight to ten days later! They are a common nuisance not just in the kitchen of your home but mostly within restaurants, food establishments, and bars. They might be considered just a “nuisance” if they didn’t carry pathogens that could spread infectious disease to humans.

Drain Flies

Of all the flies out there, these are some of the most innocent looking. Their appearance usually doesn’t raise any cause for alarm. Most of our customers just mistake them for small moths and go about their day. They only start to become a major problem upon reproducing by crawling into kitchen drains, bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs, outdoor drain, and stagnant pipes that aren’t used regularly.

The most irritating thing about the Drain Fly is its ability to squeeze through screen doors (as an adult) and sneak into your pipes or drains. Once they get in, they will feed on waste products, standing water, decaying food and even human waste. This makes them a serious threat because they carry disease which can be transmittable to people in your home or business.

Keeping Flies Out of Your Property for Good

With your access to our full service of fly control solutions, you can go to sleep at night knowing that your business is being well protected by certified, industry-recognized methods of fly extermination and management. Our technicians use the latest in digital equipment, field monitoring and reporting to make sure flies are kept away and stay away!

Additional Flying Insects We Exterminate & Control

House Flies

Almost everyone you know has at some point or another encountered a house fly. These swarming pests are about 1/8” to 1/4” long and are of a grayish color. For the lone fly to buzz in, a single swat with a newspaper will do just fine. However, frequent visits or an outright infestation will require the skills of a pest management company.

These flies are disgusting and will feed on everything from feces to human food. They go from newborns to adults in as little as 7 days and are born in a variety of unsanitary places. Females lay as much as seventy-five to one hundred and fifty eggs at a time in moist, rotting areas including garbage, manure, rotten meat, or other types of waste.


Similar to fruit flies when it comes to size, they are tiny weak pests that seem to appear out of nowhere. Depending on the species, they could be biting or non-biting flies. Gnats are drawn to lights so naturally at night, if a door is left open with the lights on you’re an easy target. They reproduce as much as 10,000 eggs at a time.

Although they are not known to be a vector of disease such as other flies, they can in fact produce a serious allergic reaction depending on the person. You can see them swarming around lights at night in huge swarms as this is what they are attracted to. Once they find a way into your home, you may have a very serious time getting rid of them. It’s not so much their speed because they are easily caught, but the sheer amount of them.

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