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Also known as “Fungus Gnats,” they are usually black in color and about less than One Sixth of an inch in size. You can identify them by their long legs, long thin wings and annoying presence in your home or business. They are one of the biggest nuisances around when it comes to pests in the kitchen and seem to almost spontaneously regenerate. Just when you believe you’ve killed them all…they’re already back to annoy you.

Standard Pest Management has special treatment plans for gnats and all different types of flying insects that will kill the current population swarming indoors but prevent the next batch from returning and causing you more stress. The single best way we’ve found to exterminate or treat a gnat infestation is by prevention methods. Our technicians are big on sanitation and will try to figure out exactly where the female gnats are laying their eggs. Once we determine the cause, we can go about sealing and sanitizing while exterminating the current population.

Gnat Management Points & Facts


  • Exterminating Gnats in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island & Northern NJ since 1929
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  • Licensed, Insured & Certified technicians
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  • A female Gnat can lay anywhere from 150-300 eggs at a time
  • Gnats can be found in warm, moist areas
  • They are attracted to fruits, vegetables and even plants
  • If Gnats can’t find an area with moisture or food to feed on, they will die
  • Their complete life cycle is as short as 8 to 10 days!

Conducting a Thorough Inspection for Gnats

Since gnats thrive in warm, moisture-like conditions and are attracted to food, It’s our technician’s best instinct to spot these areas along the interior or exterior of your home. Once Standard Pest is able to source the location or breeding area of your gnat problem, we will quickly and effortlessly begin the extermination process.

Where Gnats Come From and Why They Won’t Leave

Controlling a gnat problem can be a very tough task because they are reproduced quickly and seem to come from everywhere. Each time you swat one, there are always more flying around. A Standard Pest technician will design a customized gnat removal and control program to target the very source of they’re breeding grounds and start eliminating from there.

If your home or area has a gnat problem with just a few flying around, we would suggest trying out a do-it-yourself product. However, most are completely ineffective if infestation is a recurring problem and you’re dealing with swarms of them.

Are our Treatments Safe?

Before our technicians begins any sort of removal, we’ll consult with you, family, employees and also check to see if you’ve got an actively growing garden or pets running around. Depending on the species Gnat and scenario of whom is present within your home or business, we will develop a customized treatment plan that is completely effective and safe for you.

Preventative Solutions for the Future

Most gnats look are able to reproduce and spawn within unsanitary places. They also look for food like fruit or vegetables, garbage, and standing pools of water. Aside from their normal breeding grounds, Standard Pest Management offers a comprehensive monthly Gnat protection program which will guard your home or business against any future

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