Organic Pest Management for Organic Food Retailers, Handlers or Processors in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ

Getting pests in food retail, handlers or processing plants can turn into a huge problem because people often eat the food from these plants. You don’t want to learn that you had mice nibbling on your food. It takes away a great deal of the pleasure that you get from food.

Pest control can help to eliminate much of the issue. How will they do that? It depends on the company, but having one that uses non-harmful solutions is especially important around food because you don’t want dangerous chemicals getting into the food.

The Usual Pests We Find in Organic Food Retailers, Handlers or Processors

When it comes to the pests in your foods, you can find them from a variety of different sources. Unfortunately, a lot of other creatures feed off our foods as well. To control these pest infestations, businesses must maintain their standards and uphold them rigorously to ensure that everything remains healthy. One of the pests that you have to deal with in this business comes from rats and mice. They like the food sources, but they won’t travel too far from the food sources, and as a result, they will nest near the food sources.

The second risk comes from flies in the food. Integrated pest management professionals will tell most people to look for odors in the foods that they buy. This could indicate the presence of fruit flies or the common house fly. A commercial company must identify the type of pest so that they can adequately respond to it. Cockroaches are the next one on the list, and they have especially become a problem because they can hide in small places, and they eat a diet that is varied. In addition, they reproduce rapidly, and they carry diseases like Salmonella Typhi, Poliomyelitis, known for causing polio, and dysentery.

Some of the pests that you have to watch out for include:

  • Rodents such as Mice or Rats
  • Filth Flies or Fruit Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Spiders
  • Stored Product Pests
  • Beetles
  • Weevils
  • Moths

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions for Your Food Retailers, Handlers or Processors

You need to control the pests with organic food distributors because otherwise, it can lower the quality of your products. Not to mention, the damage to your organic food handling facility will be great. Think about it: Would you keep buying food from a company that had flies and cockroaches in the products? Not only would you stop buying from them, but you’d also likely warn others about this company so that they didn’t get food poisoning. It would be irresponsible for you to keep buying from a company like this because you’d be putting your health at risk, and you’d be putting your family’s health at risk. That’s why to have an organic facilities pest management team to keep control the pests is your best bet. This also guards your reputation. With a NJ company, you ensure that the quality of your products never drops below an unacceptable level. In fact, any food company will also have to deal with the department of health, and if they don’t keep a clean facility free from pests, they could get shut down. You could lose thousands of dollars overnight if you fail to take control of the pests.

Integrated Pest Management for Food Retailers, Handlers or Processors

Through IPM, you can take active measures to protect yourself and your company. Especially as a food company, you have to always take proactive measures to ensure that everyone stays safe. The problem is that doing this isn’t always easy. Using IPM, you set the aim to suppress the pests on a broad level. The goal behind this is to drastically lower the number of pesticides used and minimize the exposure and toxicity of the substances used. The biological, cultural and structural strategies have the intention of controlling the pests.

You have six main essential when it comes to this practice that includes:

  • Monitoring
  • Record-keeping
  • Action levels
  • Prevention
  • Tactics criteria
  • Evaluation

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On

Going through us, one of the biggest benefits comes from the tools and technologies that our professional technicians use. We keep our finger to the industry pulse to ensure that if new developments come out, we try to update our tools and technology so that we have some of the best to help you in the fight. As a company, customers have favored us because we offer competitive pricing, and we distinguish ourselves through services that deliver on our promises. You can trust that you will get the best from us.

We’re a New York City & New Jersey company, and we have been doing business for quite some time. We understand what to look for and how to help you get rid of pests. First, we figure out the specific type of pest that we’re dealing with because this will determine how we deal with them. To take care of the unwelcome critters, you have to think like them. We will help you to eliminate these pests and keep them gone so that you don’t have to worry about them coming back and causing a great stir.

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