Commercial Rodent Control & Removal in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ

If left unchecked, rodents do unspeakable damage to businesses. They gnaw, bite, and tear their way into walls and ruin wiring along their way. The class including rats and noxious vermin rank among the most destructive pests ever to invade businesses like yours. In our business of rodent control and removal, we see damage beyond belief in some cases. It’s not only the damage costing thousands for repairs, but disease and contamination add to the headache protecting your business from unrelenting attack.

We service all types of businesses with a need for rodent exclusion and removal large or small. Our expertise and knowledge of the area create a working solution for the most effective, ongoing eradication of these pests bent on attacking your business and your livelihood.

Rodent Exclusion Solutions in NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ

Some signs these virulent pests leave behind provide clues to their existence and their location. They search for food and shelter and warm surroundings. An easy visual clue is a trail of droppings found in food service areas such as commercial kitchens and storage rooms filled with food, but with little activity.

Non-food businesses experience many of the same issues as food service businesses, with the main difference in techniques used for ridding the area of pests and other noxious vermin. Food and water attract all types and by limiting its availability, we minimize the population of these pests. Techniques for food service establishments require different approaches which we will discuss with you.

One of the first steps in the process is locating areas of entry and pathways and blocking them. Signs also appear as gnaw marks on walls or teeth marks or holes in containers. Other areas of infestation include dark and secluded areas such as basements or closets where foot traffic is minimal.

Rat Control & Removal Throughout NYC, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ

A typical rodent likes the outdoors as much as us humans do, but when weather changes as forces us inside, they want in, too. A reality with noxious vermin is if you see one, there’s more, many more. They breed four to six times per year and offspring tend to stay together, creating large populations.

It seems most people understand a potential health crisis created by urine and its germs from these virulent pests. With a large number present, disease of the kidney and liver with a condition called Leptospirosis is not uncommon. What’s worse is touching their feces and contracting Salmonella or tapeworms.

A bite can make a person very sick with a condition called rat-bite fever, which is potentially fatal if left untreated. As you can see, infestations can become deadly. In food service businesses, the goal is destroying food with any sign on or near food, increasing the devastation. The urgency to rid your business of these dangerous pests is very real. We stand ready to appraise your situation and offer proven solutions for elimination and removal to prevent infestations and financial loss.

Mice Control & Removal in NYC or NJ

Gaps or cracks in your building’s foundation or exterior create open areas for a mouse to find a safe harbor and begin its destruction unhindered. We use animal proofing materials designed to prevent mice from entering your building. A single female produces up to 10 liters over the course of a year, with five or six babies per litter. Do the math. Up to 60 or more of these virulent pests infest your business in less than a year! Look for signs of droppings or shredded paper used to build nests. Listen for sounds such as scratching which gest amplified by larger open areas between walls and ceilings.

If you see a mouse, it’s likely you have an infestation. It’s time to call a professional to remove and eradicate them. Pest management & control services specialize in this and other areas of pest control. Call us anytime and we will assess your current situation.

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for All Phases of Rodent Removal

Processes and techniques used by us to remove and control pests from bombarding your business with unfathomable health risks and possible huge financial loss help ensure your well-being regardless of severity. We understand the risk involved with these virulent pests bent on destruction to satisfy their own needs.

The focus is serving your business and using state-of-the-art equipment and tools to maximize our effectiveness in the eradication and prevention of the noxious vermin using your building as a breeding ground. Our business evolves as new techniques and technology become available for our use, and our technicians stay updated on current trends and additional tools required to perform their work efficiently and error free. We look forward to talking with you to assist in protecting your business and its assets.

Since 1929, our true specialty is people we employ. Our top-notch certified technicians know every modern technique and process to provide solutions for your situation. With our long history of excellent customer service and an impeccable reputation, businesses in need of our services in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or Northern, NJ are always welcome to contact us!

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