Rodent Control & Removal Services In New York City, Westchester and Long Island

RodentsStandard Pest Management will be happy to assist you in removing and permanently excluding any type of rodent from your home or commercial facility. Rats and mice number in huge populations throughout the NYC Metro area and we’re well qualified for any threats they pose. Make no mistake about it, these are filthy pests. They carry a number of diseases that are highly dangerous if transmitted to a human including Salmonella, Bubonic Plague, Tapeworms, Lyme Disease and much more.

As the warm weather starts to wind down, rats and mice will begin looking for warm shelter indoors. Whether it be your home, building or commercial facility, it makes no difference to them. Standard Pest’s Rodent protection program will make sure your home and (or) facility is well protected from the intrusion of any rodents.


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  3. Residential and commercial services
  4. Specializing in Integrated Pest Management
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  • Rodents are vectors of serious disease transmittable to humans
  • Seek shelter during the cooler months of the year
  • Always in search of food and water
  • Rats will chew through almost anything
  • Reproduce quickly
  • House Mice will leave almost 3000 droplets of urine per 24 hours


Inspecting Your Home or Facility for Traces of Rodents

rodent proofing illustrationTo start, actually seeing a Rodent in your home or place of business is a great indication that you’ve got an infestation. There are plenty of other signs including:

  • Clawing and chewing sounds within the walls or outdoors
  • Weird, damp smells coming from specific areas
  • Holes or ripped up food packaging
  • Rodent dropping along the floor especially near food or water sources
  • Structural damage directly next to entry points from outdoors

Rodent Proofing and Exclusion Services

Trained Standard personnel will locate rodent access points and seal them with a variety of professional materials including exclusion brushes for doors, copper mesh, sealants, sheet metal, escutcheon plates and cement. We perform an on site analysis of all potential rodent/pest access points and than we will supply you with a price to perform the exclusion work. We will eliminate any current pest problem in conjunction with sealing them out to prevent future pest problems. We perform pest exclusion/proofing services from apartments to commercial warehousing facilities and anything in between.

Our Rodent Proofing and Exclusion Services Include:

  1. Locating & Identifying Pest Harborage Sites
  2. Locating Entry Points
  3. Eliminating Current Pest Activity
  4. Sealing/Patching/Repairing Entry Points
  5. Making Recommendations to Prevent Pest Activity in The Future

Rat Removal & Control Services

brown ratRats are typically more of a challenge to catch because they are far less curious than mice and more cautious when approaching new things. They can enter buildings in holes the size of a half-dollar and can even swim through sewer lines to gain access. This makes them an important target for our rodent exclusion and prevention programs. Our technicians will educate your family or staff on preventative techniques such as food sealing and proper waste disposal to keep them away. We will also apply materials such as steel wool, caulk, metal and even concrete to seal up any holes they may have access to.

Mice Removal & Control Services

House MouseMice are considerably easier to catch. By nature’s standards, they are curious rodents and easily get caught in traps. We don’t just rely on traps though because they appear unsightly. Our technicians will inspect the entire property looking for mice entry points and seal them up properly so your mice problems cease to exist

Tree Pit & Planter Pest Proofing

Eliminate rodent burrows and city violations 

tree rodent proofingRodents burrowing in your planters and tree pits can cause city violations and fines, not too mention how unsightly burrowing rodents are. Standard will install a impenetrable layer in your tree pits to keep rodents from burrowing. The layer is made up of coarse stainless steel fibers. Burrowing rodents are unable to get through.

The material is installed under landscaping and allows grass and small plants to grow through, is non-toxic and safe for the environment, the stainless fibers are non corroding, making the material last indefinitely.

  • Green service.
  • Non toxic.
  • lasts indefinitely.
  • Eliminate rodent violations.

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