Balcony Bird Net Deterrent Installation Without Drilling

HomeBalcony Bird Net Deterrent Installation Without Drilling Balcony Bird-Net Deterrent installation without drilling Solution The installation of a stealth net on your balcony can and will truly keep birds out! Traditionally, these systems are drilled through concrete. However, this has come to be an issue because there are some building which simply won’t allow any…

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New Yorkers and Zika

New Yorkers and Zika The good news is that as New Yorkers, we do not need to worry about Zika as no locally transmitted cases have been reported. A few cases have been noted in returning travelers from Zika hot zones which include a number of South & Central American areas as well as Puerto…

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Keep Visitors Happy by Making Sure Bed Bugs Aren’t in Your Hotel

Keep Visitors Happy by Making Sure Bed Bugs Aren’t in Your Hotel In the words of Warren Buffett, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Bed bug infestations are a constant problem throughout hotels in the New York City and Long Island area. At Standard Pest Management, our biggest goal…

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Pest Management & Property Managers Make the Best Mix

Pest Management & Property Managers Make the Best Mix One of our biggest specialties is Integrated Pest Management for residential properties within New York City and Long Island, NY. Since 1929, Standard Pest has been working with many of New York’s property management companies to provide a pest-free environment for their residents. Whether it is a brownstone…

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Integrated Pest Management

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT Standard Pest Management has been dedicated to the practice of Integrated Pest Management as a founding concept of our firm since 1929 although back then it was considered common sense pest control. Most recently our commitment was acknowledged in 2004 when Standard received Cornell University’s prestigious “Excellence in IPM Award”. IPM is…

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