Our Bat Removal and Exclusion Services in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, NY or Northern, NJ

Standard Pest Management provides humane bat removal from residential or commercial properties throughout Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester County, Long Island and Northern, NJ. Since we have bat relocation services dating back to 1929, we can safely say that each type of animal we relocate requires a different approach. There have been plenty of projects we’ve called on to perform because a prior wildlife control firm didn’t do their jobs properly.

Bat removal is not an easy service to perform. It may require patience on the customer’s end and our own technician. We don’t use any chemicals or fumigation equipment, our specialty lies within live Bat exclusion services.

Why Choose Standard to Provide Bat Control & Removal Solutions

Points About Standard Pest Management

  • Bat Exclusion services since 1929
  • Serving the entire New York & New Jersey Metro Area
  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Certified
  • Highly Trained Wildlife Control Technicians
  • Specializing in Relocation & Control Solutions for Commercial-Industrial Facilities

Facts About Bat Control

  • Bats leave urine and guano wherever they nest
  • They can spread histoplasmosis or rabies
  • Most active during Spring, Summer & Fall Seasons
  • Hibernate during the wintertime

Our Bat Proofing & Exclusion Services

It’s simple, mosts bats fly out at dusk and fly back in at dawn. Standard Pest will send a technician to your home or facility to figure out exactly where the bats are getting inside. After this our job is to properly find and seal up every possible hole or gap that allows the bats shelter. Some holes are larger than others and our objective is to make sure we get every last one out, therefore not all holes are sealed.

We cover a large percentage of them, monitor their habits to see if any are still entering the premises. Our exclusion devices usually consist of equipment such as netting, funnels, screen, or cones and is setup along the primary entrance or exit area for the bats. The key here is to allow them to fly out at night but deny them access back indoors.

The Pest Approach Is the Wrong Approach

Many pest exterminators have gone into people’s attics or other properties spraying chemicals and have actually created an even larger problem. Not only is this unethical and illegal, but you can’t expect a solution that works on Cockroaches to work on Bats.

Seasonality Makes for a Big Difference

Most of the live exclusions we perform happen during the Fall, Spring and Summer. Winter is generally not a good time because you’ll only be sealing the bats in your property with you while they’re hibernating which will further exacerbate the issue. Bats live in day roosts, night roosts and hibernation roosts.

How Can I Tell That I’ve Got a Bat Problem

Besides actually seeing them within your home or commercial property, they aren’t shy about leaving large piles of Guano (Bat Feces) wherever they happen to be roosting. This could be in your basement, attic, or rooftop.

Guano Cleanup and Sanitation

Guano left behind from a bat infestation is extremely unsanitary and should be removed right away. You can rest assured that our technician(s) will provide Guano cleanup, removal and disinfectant to the infested areas so that it’s just the way it was before the infestation occurred.



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