Our Skunk Control & Removal Services In New York City, Long Island or Westchester County, NY

SkunksThese very intelligent animals are not the type you’d want to cross – at any time! As most people know, when Skunks are threatened they will spray a terrible odor. This is due to their sensitivity and as a warning to other animals or humans they feel threatened by. You can spot a sunk easily by their bold black and white coloring.

Besides the awful smell of their spray, they are also known to carry Rabies which is a huge hazard to humans and their domesticated pets. Standard Pest Management has been specializing in the humane removal and relocation of Skunks in NYC’s Metro area since 1929. If they are causing your home or business a problem, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


  1. Humane Skunk Removal Since 1929
  2. Friendly & Intelligent Staff
  3. Expert Field Technicians
  4. Experienced Skunk Trapping Techniques
  5. Residential & Commercial Solutions
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  • Skunks Carry Rabies
  • Will Bite if Threatened (Follow Medical Precautions)
  • Are Mammals
  • They Crawl Inside Small Areas, Even Machinery
  • Skunks Hiss Before Unleashing They’re Awful Scent

Our Skunk Trapping & Exclusion Techniques

Our field technicians will use a variety of methods to get Skunks off your property, especially if they’re coming too close to comfort. The very first thing we’ll check out are all of the exposed areas your property may have that allows Skunks access. Once we’ve come up with a list, our technician will go over a series of options as to how we can seal these areas off from further intrusion.

Trapping Skunks is something we perform on a daily basis and we are true experts at it. You can count on us to find and trap each and every Skunk on your property without issue. It may be a tough project depending on your property but we have highly trained staff that are prepared for just about anything.

After the Skunks have been removed, we will begin relocating them and sealing off any area possible that keeps them coming back. Remember, we’re trying to develop a permanent solution to your problem. However in many situations (large commercial properties), you will always need routine trapping services to ward off skunks.

The Hazards of Having Skunks Around

Skunks can leave a lot of damage behind. Whether it’s urine, feces, awful odors from their spray, stains or structural damage, we have seen it all. We understand that none of this is a good thing for your home or business. Call Standard Pest Management today to get the very best in Skunk Trapping and relocating solutions. Our technicians are even trained to provide cleanup services for contaminated areas including the use of disinfecting chemicals, sweeping, mopping and disposal of nested items as well as feces.