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Wildlife Control & Relocation Services Within the New York City Metro Area

When it comes down to wildlife removal or animal control, we offer highly experienced, top notch services. After all Standard Pest Management has been offering all phases of wildlife control throughout Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester County, Long Island, and Northern, NJ for over 90 years.

Whether you’re having a problem at home or at a commercial facility, we handle all phases of nuisance animal control. What most people don’t realize though, is that there are many different facets to handling wildlife throughout NYC, Long Island and Westchester County.

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In many cases, most of the damage we’ve seen could have easily been prevented with the right installation or service. With that being said, we have always been a proactive company.

Rather than waiting for our customers to experience animal infestations or go through nightmare scenarios, we’ve always tried to take a preventative approach all the while thinking for the long term benefits of our customers. The most basic question that needs to be asked is, “How can I avoid nuisance wildlife invasions?”

Dealing With Unwanted Odors & Nesting Materials from an Animal Intrusion?. We Can Pressure-Wash it All Away!

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Examples of Nuisance Wildlife Damage & Proofing Techniques/Custom Traps We’ve Installed

If you are currently experiencing issues with nuisance wildlife, we have sympathy for you and we hope you give us a call to solve the problem for you. Our team of wildlife control technicians specialize in the exclusion, proofing and installation of traps designed to keep out dangerous wildlife.

Wildlife Proofing & Trapping Expert in NYC

This means; no more property damage, no nesting, no toxic hazards or unnecessary damage due to droppings and most importantly, piece of mind..

Josh Bloom
VP, Standard Pest Management

Have a look at the gallery below to see the types of projects we’ve worked on throughout the New York City Metro area:

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All Phases of Wildlife Proofing or Exclusion Throughout NYC Since 1929

  • New York City
  • Manhattan
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • The Bronx
  • Westchester County
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The Most Common Nuisance Wildlife Invaders

Strictly speaking about the usual culprit, these are the most common forms of nuisance wildlife you’ve probably dealt with.

They seek shelter within your home or facility for a whole slew of unique reasons. Their never ending search for food is a significant factor. In addition, shelter from the elements, as well as nesting for offspring have also proven to be equally important.

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Signs You Have Squirrels, Raccoons or Other Animals Living In Your Home or Commercial Property

We’ve put together an entire laundry list of easily detectable signs so that you know exactly what you may be dealing with.

Don't worry. We speak to plenty of customers who believed they were imagining things. That scratching in your ceiling or behind the walls is not in your mind. Nuisance wildlife are always on the hunt for food and shelter. Outside of a thorough inspection from Standard Pest Management for signs of intrusion or nesting, the presence of strange noises will be your best indicator of animals living with you.

Strong indicators which provide evidence that you have unwelcome visitors in your attic or underneath the rooftop include:

  • Hearing Strange Noises Constantly
  • Droppings From Squirrels, Raccoons Or Other Nuisance Animals
  • Damaged Entry Points In The Gap Between Your Roof And Fascia
  • Interior Damage
  • Roofing Material Or Shingle Damage
  • Footprints From Squirrels Or Raccoons
  • Terrible Odors Present
  • Water Damage Across Your Ceilings And(Or) Walls

The sad truth is that none of these nuisance animals have any care whatsoever for the well being of your home. If they end up gaining entry, you’ll be dealing with plenty of unwanted behavior such as consistent scratching sounds, bad odors due to droppings, urine, or dead animals, and much more.

Wildlife Nest Cleanup & Disinfectant

Power Washing & Cleaning Services

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Fortunately, we have a full proof solution that involves sealing up any vulnerable areas of your residential or commercial property to ensure that access to animals is completely restricted.

Our team of experts have years upon years of experience not only installing entry point exclusion systems for animals but also identifying any potential areas that may be future targets from unwanted wildlife.

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We’ll Fortify Your Property’s Most Vulnerable Access Points

Within most homes and smaller commercial properties, the most common entry point for Squirrels or Raccoons is right next to your gutter. It’s actually the gap between your rooftop and front fascia. These animals will chew their way through roof tiles or any other material to get inside if there isn’t an entry point exclusion system installed.

At Standard Pest Management, we are proud to specialize in installing a specially designed gutter protection product which will offer you security against leaf or debris buildup and of course, unwanted animal entry. Our entry point exclusion system is specifically engineered to cover the fascia gap.

blue 800 dot grid shape pink 700 dot grid shape example of rooftop nuisance animal trap

This means that animals such as Squirrels, Raccoons, or Opossums simply won’t be able to gain any form of entry whatsoever! Our team of Nuisance Wildlife experts will custom design an animal protection/exclusion system for any type of rooftop or gutter system you have down to the exact specifications required.

We’ll measure virtually every inch of gutter you have and custom install our fascia gap panel to be perfectly in sync all the while still providing the necessary ventilation you need for your attic. Our animal entry point exclusion systems are available in a few different colors and we’ll custom fit them to any size or type of property available. They are your best line of defense against nuisance wildlife.

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Wildlife & Animal Entry Proofing & Exclusion Solutions Throughout New York City

Prior, during or after a nuisance wildlife project, our technicians always spend time trying to educate our customers. In cases like this, it’s usually about preventative measures to take if they’re having recurring infestations or would just like to be a bit more knowledgable.

The very first element we provide service for and take into account with any of our customers are the existence of entry points. Besides your roofing system, these could consist of cracks or holes outside. We provide expert sealing and assessment solutions to close up any potential means of entry for animals.

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Outside of our customized roofing fascia protection system, we have also taken on projects and helped to repair weather stripping and even loose mortar**. Among other things, many of the reasons animals are drawn in can either be altered by a change in your daily routine or calls to other specialists for help.

For example, if your property has a large array of trees with branches that are a little too close to comfort to the exterior walls or roofing, it would be a great idea to call an arborist to get those trimmed. Plenty of nuisance wildlife reside on those very branches and having them easily extend directly to your property just gives them a welcome opening to barge right in.

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Reasons Why the Wildlife Around You Are Always Such a Problem

Nuisance wildlife are always on the prowl for food and water. Because of this, we always recommend to our customers that they manage to keep their basements, attics or crawl spaces well ventilated and dry. Garbage is the easiest to maintain in a residential setting.

Since animals of all kinds spend their days willing to eat just about anything, your garbage is a prime target. Make sure your garbage bags are properly sealed, and then disposed of within a tightly sealed garbage can. Once this is done, we recommend that you move those garbage cans to the very edge of your driveway, near the road to keep the animals as far away as possible.

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The very last bit of advice we could give you is regarding firewood during the winter. As the weather continues to drop, nuisance animals will seek shelter anywhere they can find heat. Naturally, you’ll have a stack of firewood ready to go for the winter outside your home if you have a working fireplace. We recommend storing it at least 20 feet away from your home and at the bare minimum, 5 inches off the ground.

If you are having trouble with nuisance animals such as Squirrels, Raccoons, Opossums, or Rodents entering your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We provide fully professional, insured, and locked down protection against any of these critters. Our nuisance animal entry point exclusion systems are available all throughout New York City, Westchester County, Long Island, NY and Northern, New Jersey

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