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Boom in tiny bedbugs is causing big trouble

Article Via: WASHINGTON — The biggest bedbug outbreak since World War II has sent a collective shudder among apartment dwellers, college students and business travelers across the nation. The bugs — reddish brown, flat and about the size of a grain of rice — suck human blood. They resist many pesticides and spread quickly in certain mattress-heavy buildings, such as hotels, dormitories and apartment complexes. Two shelters have closed temporarily in Charlotte, N.

Bedbug Extermination | Treating Bedbugs With Steam

Bedbug Extermination | Treating Bedbugs With Steam Treating Bedbugs Effectively With Steam: Standard Pest Management has been at the forefront of the current bedbug battle since 1999 Bedbugs have quickly become the number one pest challenging our urban environment. In sensitive situations Standard may employ steam treatments. Steam is an effective means of bedbug extermination because: steam has the ability to penetrate upholstered areas BETTER than traditional approaches steam effectively kills all stages of bedbugs on contact Some situations where steam may be the best treatment:

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Josh Bloom

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Hi, My name is Josh Bloom. I'm proud to be Standard Pest Management's customer assurance provider. Besides helping to educate our customers on being proactive when it comes to pest management, I spend my days solving all kinds of bug or nuisance animal related issues. For me, this is a blast! If you have any questions about pests that might be a threat to you, feel free to drop us a line anytime. It's my goal and on a greater scale, Standard Pest Management; to be your number one partner in the war against pests.


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