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Ask an Expert: What are the best businesses to have below an apartment building?

Standard Pest’s President Gil Bloom was recently quoted in this Daily News article. By Teri Karush Rogers / “Their concerns are well founded, says pest control expert Gil Bloom of Standard Pest Management. Moroever, he says, oftentimes a food establishment’s need for “storage and, worse, refuse storage exceeds their alloted space, which can then spill over into building areas. These establishments can tax the waste system and discolor the exterior sidewalk with pest attracting grease and debris.

Holiday Party 2012

This past Thursday, we had our annual office party. We had some great food and a real good time. I really enjoy hanging out with the entire team we really are one big family. Check out some more photos of the party and other cool stuff on our instagram feed.

Ask an expert: How will Sandy impact real estate values?

Ask an expert: How will Sandy impact real estate values?

Freshman’s Guide To Avoiding Bedbugs

Freshman’s Guide To Avoiding Bedbugs Bedbugs are back! Much to the chagrin of Americans from the city to the plain, these cryptic biting insects have witnessed a steady resurgence over the past decade. Causing near hysteria from homes and hotels to hospitals and public transportation, the hard-to-find, difficult to treat, hard-biting bed bug has a reputation as a nuisance that is truly well earned. One area where concerns have recently been on the rise is the college campus, where the climate is ripe for the proliferation of these blood-sucking bugs.

Don’t sleep on it: Find homes free of bed bugs

Rest unassured: In the city that never sleeps, bed bugs are still a major cause of insomnia for thousands of New Yorkers trapped in infested apartments and buildings. Whether you’re renting or buying, here’s how to minimize the chance that bloodsucking freeloaders will greet you at your new front door.

Stored Product Pests

Every month we have tech training meetings. The topics of this past meeting were stored product pests and customer service. The next night at home my wife, we found some beetles and she put me to task to find the source. We had been seeing one or two for the past few weeks but now I had to solve the problem. After removing many items from our cabinets, we identified the source, an old box of pancake mix.

VERIFI Bedbug Monitor

The Verifi™ bed bug detector offers homeowners and property managers huge new advantages over traditional detection methods. Not only is Verifi a more affordable, more discreet way to determine if a bed bug infestation is present, it works around the clock to help give you continuous peace of mind. Featuring replaceable attractants, the Verifi bed bug detector is the first device to provide ongoing detection for up to 90 days at a time.

What if theres bedbugs in my closet?

What if There Are Bed Bugs in my closet? Whole room heat remediation service is a very effective way to treat all those things that you would not want to spray insecticides all over. Customers ask us all the time what do i do about all my stuff? what about all my clothes, my shoes & electronics? When doing a traditional steam chemical treatment the customer is required to go through these things and run everything you possibly can through the dryer and what about the electronics?

New York at Work; Rats Are His Bread, Roaches His Butter

Now that he has annihilated millions of cockroaches and rodents, not to mention preposterous quantities of silverfish, cereal mites, carpet beetles, bedbugs, ants, wasps, termites and a few snakes, Sam Bloom figures he knows a thing or two about pest control. Don’t serve beer to the cockroaches. Make sure the rats don’t get into the bulldozer seats. Stick your empty soda cans in the dishwasher. Mr. Bloom runs Standard Exterminating in Long Island City, one of the city’s oldest exterminators.

Exclusion Strategy

Standard Pest Management, Queens, N.Y., employs an exclusion strategy to keep mice out of an apartment building garbage chute. By June Van Klaveren Standard Pest Management, Queens, N.Y., employs an exclusion strategy to keep mice out of an apartment building garbage chute. Take an old six-story, 72-unit apartment building in New York City, add brick-lined trash chutes filled with cracks and crevices, tons of garbage and a basement where that garbage collected, and you have a recipe for a serious mouse infestation and unhappy tenants.

In Rememberance of Sam Bloom

In Remembrance of Sam Bloom

New Yorks Best Bedbug Warrior

*New York’*s 2009 pick, remains a sought-after bedbug-buster, but another outfit has become a go-to combatant: Standard Pest Management. Its president is Gil Bloom, an entomologist who last year served on the city’s Bed Bug Advisory Board. He’s a regular at bedbug summits, keeping up on cutting-edge methods and, as he puts it, “staying on top of the technical curve.” Multi Pronged attacks are key, he says, and the newest weapon in his arsenal is known as thermal treatment.

Josh Bloom

Josh Bloom

Vice President
Standard Pest Management
Standard Exterminating Co., Inc. BBB Business Review

Hi, My name is Josh Bloom. I'm proud to be Standard Pest Management's customer assurance provider. Besides helping to educate our customers on being proactive when it comes to pest management, I spend my days solving all kinds of bug or nuisance animal related issues. For me, this is a blast! If you have any questions about pests that might be a threat to you, feel free to drop us a line anytime. It's my goal and on a greater scale, Standard Pest Management; to be your number one partner in the war against pests.


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