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Integrated Pest Management

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT Standard Pest Management has been dedicated to the practice of Integrated Pest Management as a founding concept of our firm since 1929 although back then it was considered common sense pest control. Most recently our commitment was acknowledged in 2004 when Standard received Cornell University’s prestigious “Excellence in IPM Award”. IPM is a concept that utilizes various pest management tools to achieve control. It is a practice which requires the cooperation of clients in regard to sanitation and

Pests In the Pantry

Pests in the Pantry Nothing can be more annoying than dumping a box of pasta into a pot of boiling water and suddenly finding bugs float to the top. At Standard Pest, we have seen our fair share of insects that love to target food items in the kitchen pantry such as crackers, tea, flour, herbs, spices, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts and a bunch of other foods. The first question that comes to mind is where did they come from?

How to Have a Pest Free BBQ This Summer

How to Have a Pest Free BBQ This Summer We all know summer and spring are some of the most enjoyable times of the year. You can go outside without a jacket, lounge on your deck, enjoy sports and then fire up that barbecue for some tasty food. Aside from deciding on condiments and who’s vegetarian a big problem can be unwanted guests of the insect type. Why? Because they like the foods we eat as well and are constantly looking for it and have the mobility to get to us.

Cockroaches: The Bugs That Just Won’t Go Away

Cockroaches: The Bugs That Just Won’t Go Away Do you have a roach problem in your home or commercial property? Well if so you’ve come to the right place. Standard Pest Management has been providing effective cockroach control services in NYC and Long Island since 1929. The biggest issue with roaches is just how resilient and persistent they are. While in some situations, they are a clear sign of unsanitary conditions, this is not true in a number of cases.

Tick Prevention Tips

Tick Prevention Tips By Gil Bloom Associate Certified Entomologist Arthropods are generally of a positive nature in our environment, in fact we are dependent on many of them in a variety of capacities but on occasion some pass over into the pest category and threaten our health and property. Ticks which are obligate blood feeders fall into that category and in particular the blacklegged tick, Ixodes scapularis, commonly referred to as the “deer” tick, and which is the principal vector for Lyme disease.

A Guide to Pigeon Problems & Solutions

A Guide to Pigeon Problems & Solutions People often think that pigeons and other urban birds are cute and an awful lot of fun to feed. However, what many people don’t realize is that they can and will cause a plethora of negative issues for your residential or commercial property. Bird and pigeon control in NYC is one of Standard’s key specialties. Did you know that while interesting to look at, they can be a real nuisance for business and even your home.

Keep Pigeons Off NY Balconies

Balcony bird control keeping birds off balconies Pigeons and birds create big problems on balconies. Their droppings are associated with many transmittable diseases such Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. We offer bird dropping removal & disinfecting services in New York. Once cleaned Standard offers stealth net installations to eliminate birds from entering your balconies all together. Once installed all birds are completely denied access from entering the balcony. Spikes only keep them from landing on the railing however they can still land on the balcony.

Hotel Bedbug Removal

Hotel Bed Bug Treatments – Making Sure the Problem Is Gone! While bed bugs can be a headache for anyone, those in the hospitality industry are especially susceptible. It should be clear that this isn’t because your establishment is “dirty” or not well-maintained; it happens because so many guests come and go every day, parking luggage on beds and furniture, putting clothes in closets and bureaus, and using the linens.

Standard Pest now Quality Pro for Schools

Standard Pest Management is now a Quality Pro Schools company. This means Standard Pest is committed to treating pests in schools in a careful and environmentally responsible way. Our staff members who service schools are trained in providing reduced-risk IPM (integrated pest management) services in schools. Additionally, the service technicians who service schools are experienced, trained and tested on school IPM techniques above and beyond state requirements. We also congratulate our first technician to receive this certification – Congrats Omar!

Get an A on your Next NYC Restaurant Health Inspection

Do you know how many restaurants are inspected each year? All 24,000. That’s a lot of letter grades. Many people do take into consideration these grades when deciding on a place to eat—and with so many dining options, diners do not have to risk their health or comfort by eating at any restaurant that cannot score an “A.” Just because a restaurant receives an “A” does not mean the restaurant didn’t break any violations, but that the violations were minimal and do not pose a real health concern.

Bed Bug Treatment Techniques from the Experts

Bed Bug Treatment Techniques from the Experts If you haven’t experienced any bed bug horror stories, then you most likely have heard a few. Although the bed bug epidemic of 2010 might be over, according to Brooklyn Magazine, they are still around and ready to attack. Bed bugs can result in serious issues, from lawsuits to closing up shop. Here are the insider techniques of an expert pest technician, which you can use to keep your business–and bed bugs–under control.

14 Bed Bug Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

14 Bed Bug Tips – Do’s and Don’ts Dealing with bed bugs is not easy. Hopefully you read our last post on developing a bed bug treatment plan. Either way, here are a few bed bug tips to keep in mind if you encounter any infestations. Feel free to use these to supplement your bed bug action plan. DON’Ts Do not overreact and vacate the premises—unless the bedbugs are taking over your entire building.

Josh Bloom

Josh Bloom

Vice President
Standard Pest Management
Standard Exterminating Co., Inc. BBB Business Review

Hi, My name is Josh Bloom. I'm proud to be Standard Pest Management's customer assurance provider. Besides helping to educate our customers on being proactive when it comes to pest management, I spend my days solving all kinds of bug or nuisance animal related issues. For me, this is a blast! If you have any questions about pests that might be a threat to you, feel free to drop us a line anytime. It's my goal and on a greater scale, Standard Pest Management; to be your number one partner in the war against pests.


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