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Hotel Bed Bug Treatment Plan

Hotel Bed Bug Treatment Plan You wake up on a normal day. The sun is out and you are feeling great, as if nothing can bring you down. You head to the hotel you manage and with a smile you greet your guests and staff as you walk through the lobby. You enter your office when a few moments later your phone rings. You answer and it’s the front desk. The last thing you ever want to hear, which you could not have even fathomed is:

Household Pests: Inspect before you move

Household Pests: Inspect before you move Moving can be exciting at times, for example, when moving in with your spouse, upsizing, or moving into your dream neighborhood. But beware of common household pests. These home pests can be a big problem if not addressed appropriately. It is much better to discover household pests before you move in so that you can avoid exponential expansion of these home pests during your sleep.

Keeping Pigeons Off Brownstones

Birds and Pigeons can create big problems for NYC Brownstones, birds will nest and roost on various areas of the building. In particular they love the cornice ledges, architecture, windowsills, roof lines etc…. Further birds create all sorts of problems like droppings, health hazards, slip hazard & of course a huge eyesore. Standard Pest specialized in keeping bird off your brownstone, we offer the installation of various discrete physical deterrents to keep the birds off your building.

Bed Bug Heat Chamber Service

Standard Pest has ZappBug Heat Chambers available for your use. You can either have us bring it to your location or bring an item to us. Heat chambers kill bedbugs in all stages including eggs without the use of pesticides. Once the heat inside the chamber reaches a lethal level all stages of bedbugs are eliminated. This is great for anyone who is traveling and wants to treat a suitcase before bringing it home or a way to treat sensitive items.

USGBC Organizational Member

Standard Pest Management is now a proud member of the USGBC. We support their mission of a prosperous and sustainable future. Standards Green Pest Management program is based on the concept of integrated pest management we have been practicing for several decades. LEED certification is based on a point system and implementing an IPM pest control program is worth points. In addition a project meets the requirements of an IPM service if it is provided by a Green Pro certified member in good standing of the National Pest Management Association which Standard Pest Management is.

New Yorkers Not Letting The Bedbugs Bite

Standard Pest Management quoted in AM New York Article Full article here Exterminators agreed that the bedbug education campaign has affected how the pest management industry deals with the pests. Gil Bloom, president of Standard Pest Management in Queens and a former bedbug task force member, said clients are calling for his company’s services earlier than before, when there was a stigma about finding bedbugs. “We’re not seeing a decline in volume of calls, but we’re seeing a decrease in the severity of what we need to respond to,” Bloom said.

Food Safety Service

Food Safety Service Let Standard be your partner in compliance and pest prevention. Keeping your facility and products free of pests and contaminants is critical to the success of your organization. Let Standard Pest Management be your partner in maintaining a compliant & pest free facility. Our extensive experience in food industry pest management, sanitation, housekeeping & GMP’s make us a perfect partner. A Pest Control Log Book is provided to be kept onsite, this log book contains critical and legal documents pertaining to the pest management program.

Bedbug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Standard Pest Management performs a specialized bedbug treatment called thermal heat treatments, the process of killing bedbugs using high temperatures. This is an attractive approach for eliminating bedbugs as it is chemical free, we can heat an entire structure in one treatment and you can be bedbug free by bedtime! Bedbugs and their eggs will die immediately at temperatures above 122ºF. We monitor the heat wirelessly on a laptop & inspect with thermal imaging technology to ensure temperatures reach lethal levels and stay there for the correct period of time to eliminate the customers bedbug infestation.

Heat Chamber Service

Standard Pest now offers Heat Chamber services at our main office in Long Island City. Due to customers inquiries if we could heat certain items we felt the need to offer this service. We now have the capabilities to heat certain items in our chamber. This is perfect for a piece of furniture or an item of concern, or something a scent detection K9 has alerted to. Once in the chamber the item will be brought to a lethal temperature and kept there.

Standard Gives Back

Standard Pest had the opportunity to give back by donating time at Food Bank of NY. Our techs were able to spend some time at the pantry location where they stocked shelves and prepared/served food. It was a good cause and the techs had a great time. Here’s a photo of two of Standards techs Angard & Solomon preparing for lunchtime.

Prevent Rodent Burrows

An impenetrable layer for rats that you can plant on top of. Standard Pest serves customers all over the NY Metro area. Many of our customers have burrowing rodents on their property. Installing Geo material is a long term solution to this problem. From the manufacturer – “Burrowing animals such as rats, chipmunks, gophers, groundhogs and nutria can dig beneath the ground and ruin landscaping, chew through cables and destroy dikes and levees.

Standard Pest Is Quality Pro

Standard Pest is now Quality Pro. What is Quality Pro? QualityPro is an initiative designed to increase professionalism in the pest management industry. This dynamic program certifies companies based on comprehensive standards. Known as “the mark of excellence in pest control,” the Quality Pro designation can be achieved by ensuring that all employees voluntarily ascribe to a set of standards far above what is required by state and federal regulations. – NPMA (National Pest Management Association) Some of our notable affiliations are:

Josh Bloom

Josh Bloom

Vice President
Standard Pest Management
Standard Exterminating Co., Inc. BBB Business Review

Hi, My name is Josh Bloom. I'm proud to be Standard Pest Management's customer assurance provider. Besides helping to educate our customers on being proactive when it comes to pest management, I spend my days solving all kinds of bug or nuisance animal related issues. For me, this is a blast! If you have any questions about pests that might be a threat to you, feel free to drop us a line anytime. It's my goal and on a greater scale, Standard Pest Management; to be your number one partner in the war against pests.


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