Commercial Pest Management for Entertainment Venues in New York City, Long Island, Westchester County or NJ

There are few things more revolting than enjoying a night out on Broadway with friends, only to see a roach scuttling by your feet in search of food. Pest problems in businesses impact the health and safety of your customers, as well as the profits and reputation of your business.

If pests are taking up residence in your establishment, you need to act fast by contacting a commercial pest control company to help.

The Usual Pests We Find in Entertainment Venues

Whether you run a club, lounge, theater, or dance hall, your venue will inevitably encounter pests. Some of the more common pests include:

  • Rodents (Mice & Rats)
  • Nuisance Birds & Animals
  • Stinging Pests (Bees & Mosquitoes)
  • Flies & Gnats
  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Ants
  • Spiders

Of these, cockroaches and rodents are the most common. Bed bugs, while less common in your typical arena or amphitheater, can be found inhabiting an indoor theatre, concert hall, or other venue with a lot of seating and fabric.

They typically seek out places to hide that are warm, have lots of hiding places, and are frequented by humans, so rows of seating in a concert hall would be an attractive home for bed bugs. Termites are also an issue, particularly in establishments built from wood or that use a lot of wooden furniture and decor.

Why You Need Pest Control Solutions for Your Entertainment Venue

Oftentimes, businesses neglect to implement professional pest control solutions, instead opting to manage their own pests. However, unless you possess the expertise of a licensed exterminator, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle. A single mouse can birth a litter of up to 14 young, and cockroaches lay around 20 eggs at a time.

Most pests are quite skilled at avoiding humans, so by the time you see your first pest, their whole extended family has already moved in. The reputation of your business is also at stake. For those in the entertainment industry, the bulk of your profits come from repeat customers, and it only takes one bad experience for a disgruntled customer to abandon your business. To make matters worse, a disgruntled customer tells an average of 15 people about their bad experience, meaning a minor pest problem could turn into a major loss of business.

Integrated Pest Management for Entertainment Venues

We utilize an integrated approach, or IPM, to eradicate pests as safely and effectively as possible. IPM relies heavily on preventing pests, rather than simply exterminating them. It incorporates preventative tactics, biological controls, and cultural practices that will purge your establishment of pests, while utilizing as little pesticides and chemical controls as possible. It’s better for the earth and your wallet, while ensuring your customers can enjoy a safe, pest-free night on the town.

Tools, Technology & Technicians You Can Count On for Your Entertainment Venue(s)

We rely on the most cutting-edge technology and tactics available to ensure customer satisfaction. With a focus on a prevention, our technicians will assess your establishment to determine the type of pests and how they’re getting in.

From there, we’ll handle all aspects of your pest control, from setting traps, sealing entrances, fumigating when necessary, and providing you with tips to alter your company practices, so you can prevent future infestations. If you run an entertainment venue within NYC, Westchester, Long Island or NJ, contact us to get a handle on your pests before they become a problem.

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